Android tablets at an affordable rate

The demands for the android tablets have reached the peak these days. You will find several options in the market when tabs are considered.

The demands of tabs are in the verge of increasing these days. The most important reason behind the increasing popularity behind purchasing a tab is mostly because of the convenience of use. Carrying a heavy laptop is not at all comfortable, especially when you are travelling. For professionals who are constantly on the move should opt for the tablets. The Indian market is constantly flooded with numerous cheap and affordable tabs that come with Android operating system. These tabs are available at different range and that is what makes these tabs stands apart in the crowd. From different companies like Samsung, Huawei, Toshiba and Asus, you will get different tabs at a pocket friendly budget. So what are you waiting for? Grab the one that suits you best.

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In the cheap Android tablets series two more new tablets 'Micromax Funbook' and 'HCL MyEdu Tab' launched in Indian market. These tablets are designed and developed considering needs of students having many features that look ideal for students’ need. In this post, you will know about - Edutainment material available on both tablets, HCL and Micromax's partnership details with Publishers, Specifications and features of Micromax Funbook and HCL MyEdu Tab.

Best Android Tablets below $100

Some of us may wonder if we can buy an android tablet in less than $100 of cost. Yes, it is true there are many android tablets available in the market or online stores like Amazon, which are not a piece of junk! Maybe these cheap tablets do not have the advance features of the expensive android tablets but still you can do many pleasant tasks on these little gadgets. Let us look at these best android tablets below $100.

Low cost Google Android tablets in Indian Market

This article deals with low cost Google Android tablet PC available in Indian market. Starting from the introduction of tablet PCs, they are in much demand due to almost all capabilities of PC and phone which are integrated to single piece and named as tablet PC. People nowadays try to use cheap Google Android tablets and want to get all experience of tablet in low cost.

ePad Android Tablet PC specifications and review

Have you always been counting on to have a Tablet PC but would back out by looking at the price? Then here is the ePad which is regarded as the cheapest Tablet PC available in USA. If you have seen another post of mine about Zeepad then you will notice the price difference between these two Tablet PCs is just $2.60 on the Amazon. Working out with its features the ePad has he features that is needed for the advanced Tablet PC users.

Atab tablet features, specifications and price in India

This article is about Atab tablet in India. Atab tablet features, specifications and price are out in India. If we compare Atab tablet specifications with Aakash and Bsnl tablet then it is more educational driven and having advance features but Atab tablet price is high in comparison to Bsnl and Aakash tablet. Read this article to know more about Atab tablet features, specifications and price in India

Ainol Novo 7 Tablet PCs detail, price and review

Are you looking for Ainol brand tablet PCs with good configuration? If yes, then here you can go with Ainol Novo 7 inch tablet PCs that comes with great features. You may find Ainol Novo 7 tablet PCs detail specification, price and review etc. Find cheapest Ainol tablet PCs and low cost Ainol tablet PCs detail here. Find cheapest tablet PC in India, low cost tablet PC in India.

Ainol Novo 9 Firewire tablet: Full specifications, features and price

Ainol Novo 9 Firewire Quad Core Retina Tablet PC full specifications, features and price are given here. Ainol, the Chinese tablet manufacturer known for producing budget friendly tablet PC's has come up with yet another device dubbed as 'Novo 9 Firewire'. This device comes along with a handful of cool features including 2 GB RAM, 10,000 mAh battery etc.

Xtab A10 Tablet PC, a cheap tablet: features and review

This article mainly deals with the complete features of a cheapest tablet named as Xtab A10 Tablet PC which is now available in India. The review of the product is also included in this article. Now let us see the pros and cons of this product.

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Wishtel IRA Tablet is another low cost tablet launched in India. In this article, I am going to share all the information including how to buy, where to buy and what is the best price for these tablet computers in India.

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Videocon VT-75C

Are you looking for an Android Jelly Bean based 7 inch budget tablet with 2G support and voice calling capabilities from Videocon? Videocon mobiles has officially launched the VT-75C tablet, a 7 inch tablet with features a dedicated SIM-card slot for 2G voice calling functionality at a budget price of just Rs.6,500. This article gives more details, specifications and review about the Videocon VT-75C tablet which is an Android Jelly bean based calling tablet from Videocon.

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