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Blogging is an upcoming career option for many whereas some are trying their hand at blogging to make some extra money whereas some to just follow their passion and hobbies. However blogging is not easy at the same time it is not too difficult either. Newbie or beginner bloggers tend to make a lot of mistakes during their initial days of blogging. Some of these mistakes prove to be costly and because of those many people stop blogging midway. However these mistakes can be easily avoided.

Some of the most common mistakes done by bloggers are writing useless content on their blogs, copying content from other blogs and websites, not concentrating on search engine optimization, being impatient about money coming from the blog, not using a good template or blog design, monetizing the blog too early and so on. All these mistakes tend to have a negative effect on the success of your blog. Every blogger must always write original content on their blog which the readers find useful and interesting. Blogging requires lots of passion, dedication, hard work and patience. One must always towards establishing your blog in the initial days rather than just focusing on the revenue or money. Once you have a successful blog having good amount of traffic and loyal visitor's money will automatically follow.

Below are some resources and articles related to common blogging mistakes and tips to avoid them so that your blogging journey becomes productive and rewarding.

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