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There are various career options with today's youth. Some of these options are conventional whereas some are non conventional. Though the conventional ones are less risky the non conventional ones are a bit more risky but can be extremely rewarding. One of the new and emerging career options is blogging. Many students and youngsters are taking up blogging as a career as it is extremely rewarding. You don't only make lots of money by blogging but you also earn a lot of respect and recognition.

For those of you who don't know what really in blogging, in simple words blogging is just maintaining a blog which is a kind of website where you can write blog posts or articles based on the main topic (niche) of your blog. Once you start blogging you must try various optimization techniques mainly search engine optimization so that your blog starts getting organic visitors from search engines and other sources. Once you have decent amount of traffic coming to your blog, you can monetize your blog to start making money. Some popular monetization methods include direct advertisements, writing sponsored reviews/ articles, ad networks and ad exchanges and various other methods.

As said previously blogging can be a highly rewarding career option if you follow the right approach.

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