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Bloggers are professionals who share knowledge of what they know with the world by publishing stories, articles and reviews on the Internet. Some blog out of passion; others for earning money or both.

Bloggers are new breed of writers, technologist and thinkers who write and publish on Internet. They select specific niche and write about that on regular basis. Some work in single specifically chosen niche, others work in many niches. More often, many authors / bloggers work together to publish a blog so as to make it truly big. Bloggers publish blog posts which serve to world via World Wide Web. A blog can be complete private or open to all.

For many people blogging is a way to make living out of it. Many bloggers work around many different niches to earn decent living. Some bloggers use shared blogging platform like TypePad or Wordpress to write stories. However, professional bloggers buy a domain and hosting package to publish over Internet. Yaro Starak is a famous Australian blogger; he makes money blogging and teach others how to to blog. ProBlogger and TechCrunch are some more examples.
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Interview with Main Uddin, Pro-Blogger and Digital Marketing expert from Assam

Main Uddin is the founder, CEO & MD of the FOCUS A-Z Entertainment Private Limited. Main Uddin, who is a Bloggers Guru & E-marketer, has been in the blogging field for more than 5 years. He is a pro-blogger who is passionate on writing and also in internet marketing. His primary blog is Perfect Bloggers Tech. Read the below interview to know more about Main Uddin and also his advise on blogging and internet marketing.

Why WordPress is better when compared to Blogger

If you are new to blogging and want to start a blog either on Blogger or WordPress you must read this article. Read on to know why WordPress is better when compared to Blogger for new bloggers who don't have knowledge in coding.

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