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Effective Power Saving Tips for Windows Phone 8

Learn how to effectively manage power on Windows phone 8 and grab some tips on power management for extending the battery life to a greater extent. Take a quick look at the power saving tips on Windows phone 8.

How to make your Windows Phone battery last longer ?

In this article I gave you some simple tips by using which you can make your Windows phone's battery lasts longer. These simple 5 tips can make your phone live longer. One of the best trick is to on the Power Saver Mode features comes with your windows OS Phone i.e. - Nokia Lumia 800.

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What are the best Battery saver apps available in Google Play?

Are you looking for battery saving apps for your smartphone from Google Play Store or some other location? Do you want to know the efficacy of battery saving apps? Follow this thread and read answers by experts who will tell you about battery saving apps for smartphones and their efficacy.
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