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Google Glass for augmented reality

Google X Labs, known for its futuristic technology has developed yet another awesome gadget, the Google Glass after being in the headlines for driverless cars. This article gives an overview of the Google Glass used for augmented reality. Learn about this exciting gadget.

Review of Android powered Google Glass

Google showcased their most innovative Android based Google eyeglasses equipped with GPS sensors, one camera and small rectangular display screen. This post covers features, form factor, cons, pros and review for this Google device.

Best Augmented Reality apps for your smartphone

Days of normal apps are gone and it is your time to get augmented reality apps. Craze for AR has grown after Google's Project Glass. So, here you will find some popular augmented applications which are compatible with iOS, Android and Windows platforms. Read on to know some of the top free & paid apps and make use of them in your daily life.

Where to buy Google Glass?

Do you want to know how to get a pair of google glasses by paying $1500? Keep your mind free to read more about Google Glasses and be one among 8,000 in United States to own your own pair of Google Glass. An exclusive website with full details about Project Google Glass is being set up. Be a part of the contest which runs with the tag "looking for bold, creative individuals" and win the smart spectacles before it goes on sale on December 2013.
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