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Review of Audacity, an Open Source Professional Sound Editor

Are you looking for an open-source sound editing software program? Read our review of this high quality software called Audacity which competes against sound editing software by big companies like Apple or Sony. Read the article to know how to install and use Audacity.

Adobe Audition CS6: Features and reviews

Like some of Adobe’s other apps, Adobe Audition CS6 spent a number of years in the Windows wilderness, with Mac users relying on Apple’s Soundtrack Pro or a third-party music production package such as Logic or Pro Tools to handle the audio editing side of their video production work.

Audacity Audio Editor Review

Audio editors are often needed in ones life for many various reasons to normal people. People need it to make ringtones out of proper song, professionals need it to make good music, so if you need it in your life get a hold of Audacity then!
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