Apple iPhone5: The Sixth Generation of Apple Magic

When it comes to smart phones there is no match to the popularity of iPhones. People all over the world wait eagerly for Apple phones. Apple iPhone 5 was no exception.

Apple iphone 5 is the sixth generation phone by Apple Inc. It is the successor of iPhone 4s and was released on September 2012. Apple had incorporated some key changes in its design. It is slimmer and thinner than its previous version. After announcing its release Apple Inc. received two million pre-orders within 24 hours. When launched Apple iPhone 5 had iOS 6.0 but later iOS 7.1.2 was introduced in this particular model.

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iPhone 5- Performance, design and exciting features

Apple launched its new iPhone 5 and it is expected to be available in UK, Europe and Asia by September 21. The new iPhone 5 comes with many new features like largest display screen than other iPhones, greater 8Mp camera, accelerated wireless technology, Retina display, fabulous and magnificent design. This article will help you to know more about the iPhone 5 performance, design and its exciting features.

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