Apple iOS games - The order of the day!

iOS is a mobile operating system that is invented and expanded by Apple Inc. The iOs has introduced wide range of games for the new age mobile gamer. Many games such as 3D Brick Breaker Revolution,Dance revolution and Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion are very popular among the new generation.

iOS Gaming is considered one of the most successful integration for iOS till date.It didn't just shoot up the iOS fan following it also gave the various competitors of iOS run for their money. And it just got better with the introduction of "Game Center" an online multiplayer social gaming network.Launched with iOS 4.1 has given i-device users another reason to cling to their phones. Lets checkout some extremely popular iOS games.

Letterpress is one of the popular iOS game. This is a word game which is a combination of policies of Boggle and Chess. Unlike chess the board is arranged with red and blue tiles, each signifying you or your partner. In this game the task is to alter as many tiles as possible to bout your color while spelling words. You can also challenge your partner by blocking him from all the sides. Real boxing is another famous iOS games. The game landscapes an amazingly operational Career Mode and related stuff.

Some other games by iOs are Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion, Adugo, Adventures of Tintin,The Secret of the Unicorn, Angry Birds, Assassin's Creed: Altaïr's Chronicles, Aurora Feint, Backyard Soccer, Backstreet Cat, Bejeweled 2, Bobby Carrot, Brain Challenge, Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes, Bugdom 2, Cake Mania, Centipede, Command & Conquer: Red Alert, Cooking Mama, Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Crazy Machines, Cro-Mag Rally, Crystal Defenders , Dance Dance Revolution S etc.iOS gains a rare competitive edge with the introduction of such a revolutionary gaming platform and equally addictive games!
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