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8 Awesome Launchers for Android devices

Are you looking to change the look and feel of your Android device? Launchers are the easiest way to do so. Read the article to know about some free and cheap launchers available in market.

Review of Aviate Launcher Beta app for Android devices

Are you looking for a popular Android launcher app? Want to know the features of Aviate launcher Android app whose beta version is out? Please read further to get more details about specifications of Aviate Beta launcher app for Android smartphones and tablets and know how Aviate works.

Review of GO Launcher EX Android launcher

Give your phone a complete makeover, change the very basic to advanced looks of your phone. Simply install GO Launcher EX and keep downloading and applying themes of your choice. To know more about it read the complete article bellow.

How to make Android phone looks like Windows phone 7

In this article, I am going to discuss about how to make your Android phone look like a Windows 7 phone. Most of the Smart phone users complain that Windows phone 7 has a better user interface when compared to Android based phones. Recently, in the Android market a new App has been released which converts the User Interface of Android phones as Windows 7 phone.

Best Android Apps for Android Ice Cream Sandwich Phones

Here is a list of best Apps for your Android Ice Cream Sandwich that you can download easily from the new Google play store. The world of Apps for Android is becoming vast day to day and keeps its users well equipped with its best features. If you are also the one who is looking forward to fill your android mobile phone with the interesting and lovable Apps? Read more to find your choice of apps.

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How to hide applications on Android Mobiles?

Are you using an Android mobile. Messed up with lots of apps on your phone? Want to hide some of them? Go through this post to know how to hide some of your Android applications.
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