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Android Operating System powers whole lot of Tablets, Smartphnes and Phablets. Secure your device with a powerful Antivirus. Here are talks about different types of Android Antivirus programs.

Android Antivirus programs make your gadgets, viz; smartphones, phablets and tablets safe from mobile viruses and online threats. If own an Android Device, must install an Antivirus program. Here are discussion about different Android Antivirus program, how to get and install one and reviews under varied conditions.
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Avast Mobile Security - Antivirus for Android smartphones

Antivirus is an essential tool for protecting ones data and Apps.Avast Mobile Security has emerged as the best Antivirus for Android Phones.Power packed with features to secure and protect one's Android device Avast Mobile Security is truly peoples choice.This article explains in detail its various features.

Best Antivirus apps for Android smartphones

Android Apps are in vogue in the present scenario and its security has become a serious issue considering the fact that all the data is mostly stored in the cloud based service. This article lists out the five best Antiviruses for the Android Apps that one can have a pick from.

The Best Antivirus for Galaxy S7

The security of your phone against malware or viruses is one of the most important things to consider. This article should be helpful if you're wondering which Android antivirus apps you can use on your Galaxy S7.

McAfee Mobile Security for Android Review- Performance oriented, But Expensive

Mobile devices are indeed under threat. With an increased use of internet and the emphasis on the digital transactions are some of the features that have been lucrative enough for the hackers and those spreading malware. Among the top Antivirus solutions we have covered so far for Android, we present our last review in the series. We will check out how does McAfee Mobile Security fair in comparison with the competing tools in the genre.

Is Avast Mobile Security a good antivirus app for Android

Gone are the days when we thought an Android does not need an Antivirus solution. Of course, nothing gets installed on your Android without your permission. Even then, the recent growth in the number of malware through apps has been growing and has necessitated the need for an Antivirus solution. In our series of Android Antivirus solutions, we will review Avast Mobile Security today.

Norton Mobile Security - Malware protection for Android - A Review

When it comes to protection, you cannot afford to settle for a mediocre service. Especially when you are on Android, it assumes even more importance to take care of protection because of the malware seeping into the Android ecosystem and Google Play Store. You need to a tool that would protect you from the malware attacks and any other threats nearby. Norton Mobile Security is one such option worth the choice.

Free Antivirus Apps for Android

Android platform's adoption is rising every year with new manufacturers using this mobile operating system in their products. This has made the platform target to security threats. Though by default the security of Android platform restricts many malware and viruses, still it needs a security app to patch the possible known threats. In this article, we are going to review some of the security apps for Android.

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