Affiliate programs from Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce portals in the country, which has come along with some amusing affiliate programs for different websites.

Amazon Associates is one of the popular affiliate program organized by This program is made available for the website owners in the country. Here it is very imperative to mention that the referral fees as per the Amazon India affiliate program, is higher than the competing shopping sites. This all new affiliate program has opened doors for the other websites to reach their target market without much issue. Amazon, being the largest online shopping portal in the country offers anything and everything that you are looking for. The affordable price and the easy delivery of the products make Amazon one of the leading names in the country- from books, DVD's to electronics, you will get everything here at the best possible price.

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Amazon India affiliate commission structure

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Earning income through Amazon India affiliate program

Want to know about one of the top affiliate marketing website in India? Please read further to know about the affiliate program offered by Amazon India. Here, you can find the advantages of having an Amazon India affiliate partnership and how the sale of Amazon products can fetch you good commission!

Best affiliate programs in India

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