Akash Tablets: Smart Tablet For The Smart Generation

Launched in October 2011, Akash Tablets were meant for the Indian youth and students. It is a low cost tablet computer that encapsulates all the latest features of a smart phone.

Unlike any other handheld phone Akash Tablets emerged in the market with the aim of connecting twenty five thousand colleges and 400 universities across India through an e-learning program and that is why the Govt. of India took part in the promotion of this tablet. Manufactured by a British-Canadian company Datawind, Akash tablets were highly awaited gadget as it was cheap and had all the required features. Already 4 updated versions of this tablet have come to the market and each has surpassed the expectations. The latest one runs on Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1 and apart from other features the best one is that one can edit documents in various Indian regional languages.
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This article is about how to cancel aakash tablet booking online. Cancelling aakash tablet is a simple and easy. you can cancel your aakash tablet online booking by just sending a cancellation mail to the company support team or by calling their customer care number.

Aakash Tablet - Full Specifications, features and price

This article is about Aakash Tablet. Read the article to know complete Aakash specifications, features, price and news. Aakash Tablet is the world's cheapest tablet released by HRD minister on October 5th 2011. This Tab is available for only Rs.1,200/- for students after subsidy by Government of India.

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