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4G technology advancing to India

The era of 3G is going to be ended up, 4G era will be begun soon in India. We have got the 3G experience already and waiting for 4G. Read this article to know more about all the relevant information about 4G technology including the name of the internet service providers who will give you this service.

Step ahead with the latest smartphone Samsung Galaxy S - Blaze 4G

This article is for those who love their smartphone and Android smartphone integrated with 4G network connectivity. The focus has been put on Samsung Galaxy S-Blaze 4G smartphone and its features. You will find all the technical specifications and the physical appearance of Samsung Galaxy S-Blaze 4G.

Top five Wifi Routers with sim card slot

In this article, I'll discuss the best five wifi routers that facilitate both WAN connections and SIM cards. What are the notable ones? Let's start reading now.

Top Indian 4G operators launching 4G technology in India soon

Read this article to know top Indian operators which are planning to launch 4G technology in India at the end of this year. We know that 4G technology is not released in India yet and many Indian service providers are conducting trails on the existing 3G networks so as to add some modifications in it and derive some fast technology. In this article I will discuss principle and techniques used by companies for launching 4G in India.

4G technology in windows 8

According to latest news that windows 8 will be launched publicly on the large scale soon and it will have something new and innovative within its working but we are not sure when it will going to be release. So, through this article, I want to explain to you what type of environment will be there in windows 8 if the 4G technology is used in it and will windows 8 will support the 4G technology ?

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What are the differences between 3G and 4G Technology?

Do you want to know the main differences between 3G and 4G connectivity in mobile telephony and internet services? Follow this thread and read expert answers to know the differences between 3G and 4G mobile telephony and internet services.
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