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The classic windows minesweeper game. Minesweeper is a deceptively simple test of memory and reasoning—and one of the most popular Windows games of all time. The goal: find the empty squares and avoid the mines.
Type: Games

Category: Puzzles
Author: V.S.J.

Post Date:02 Jul 2011
3x7 Magic Cards Trick

3x7 Magic Cards Trick is a simple magic cards trick. From 21 cards, select any one card and keep it in mind. The game will identify the card !!!
Type: Games

Category: Puzzles
Author: V.S.J.

Post Date:19 Jun 2011

Backgammon summary
Type: Games

Category: Sports
Author: Pop Viorel Gabriel

Post Date:18 Jun 2011
Anime Memory

Memory Game with anime characters from One Piece, Reborn & Naruto. Less clicks + more faster = 1º in ranking. Good luck!
Type: Games

Category: Puzzles
Author: Fagner Coloia Paes Barreto

Post Date:15 Jun 2011
Memory Jumble

The beauty of the Earth is long gone. "Memory Jumble" is a puzzle game where you help to restore the corrupted memories of the lost past. In "Memory Jumble" you rotate and flip pieces of a puzzle to restore the original image. Please feel free to provide us with any feedback!
Type: Games

Category: Puzzles
Author: sunnex

Post Date:11 May 2011
Silverlight 4 XLStylesTool

This is MS Excel Open XML file format based tool that removes unused cell styles, removes “stubborn styles” that you can't delete through Excel UI, removes bad named ranges, identifies named ranges with external references (these cause file size bloat), unhides non-system created hidden named ranges. This tool will work on Excel 2007 *.xlsx and *.xlsm workbooks (not *.xls or *.xlsb) with protected sheets and read-only password protected workbooks in about 1-2 seconds because it is Silverlight4 100% client side processing in browser delivered application.
Type: Showcase

Category: General
Author: Sergei G

Post Date:28 Apr 2011
POP Numbers

This game designed to help students learn the times tables
Type: Games

Category: Action
Author: Michael

Post Date:27 Apr 2011

It is a prototype with Usability Issues in mind. Hope you all like it.
Type: Showcase

Category: Demos
Author: Moiz

Post Date:20 Apr 2011
Drawing different shapes

How we can draw various shapes using silverlight.
Type: Showcase

Category: General
Author: shashank

Post Date:25 Mar 2011
Space Minvaders

A simple side scrolling shoot em up!
Type: Games

Category: Action
Author: Meu

Post Date:18 Mar 2011

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