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Various demos developed using Silverlight

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It is a prototype with Usability Issues in mind. Hope you all like it.
Type: Showcase

Category: Demos
Author: Moiz

Post Date:20 Apr 2011
File Explorer using Silverlight 4 COM Interoperability

You all know that, Silverlight 4 has the feature to talk with COM APIs. In my earlier posts I already mentioned various Interoperability functionalities of Silverlight. You can see some articles in my Blog. In this article, I will show you how Silverlight can read your local files, folders and drives. At the end of this Article you will be able to open any file/folder/drive and read their attributes.
Type: Showcase

Category: Demos
Author: Kunal Chowdhury

Post Date:26 Nov 2010
Spectrum 3D Particles Engine

A visualization demo created using Spectrum 3D particles engine.
Type: Showcase

Category: Demos
Author: byron

Post Date:25 May 2009
Digital Clock Using Silverlight2.0

I m using digital clock using Silverlight & expression Blend.
Type: Showcase

Category: Demos
Author: krishna

Post Date:20 Mar 2009

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