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Review: Review of VLC player 1.1.0

Product: VLC player 1.1.0
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Good: Best in its category
Bad: Sometimes get corrupt
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Name: Krishna Verma   
Member Level: Gold
Review Date: 30 Jul 2010
Points for Review: 7  (Rs: 2)

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VLC player 1.1.0 Review

VLC needs no introduction .There is no doubt that it dominates the market of media players.I think 90 % of computer users must have used VLC at least once in their life for playing video or audio files.

Features of VLC player
1.VLC stands for VideoLAN Client.
2.It is a media player and can be used to play audio and video files.
3.It also supports and plays DVD videos.

What I like in VLC media player
1. The best thing I like about VLC is that you can increase sound upto 400 % in VLC.This feature is not present in most of the media player. Me and my friends have made use of this feature a lot while watching movies in hostel on laptop without speakers.
2.VLC has a number of shortcuts available which saves time and makes it easy to use.For example there are keyboard shortcuts to increase sound or to forward the movies in VLC player.These shorcuts have always helped me to save my time.
3.It comes with all options like forwardfast forwardbackwardfast backward which proved helpful to me a lot.
4.I was also influenced by number of zoom options are available in VLC player.
5.You can set a video played in VLC as the wallpaper on your desktop.To use this feature go to video in VLC at top and select wallpaper.
6.A number of deinterlace and crop options are also available.
7.I also like a number of visualisations for playing audio files.
8.It also plays web streams, TV cards and much more.
9.Input formats supported by it are

MPEG (ES,PS,TS,PVA,MP3)AVI ASF / WMV / WMAMP4 / MOV / 3GPOGG / OGM / AnnodexMatroska (MKV) RealWAV (incuding DTS) Raw Audio: DTS, AAC, AC3/A52Raw DVFLACFLV (Flash) MXFNutStandard MIDI / SMFCreative Voice

What I did not like in VLC player 1.1.0
1.The only problem I face with VLC is that sometimes while watching a video file it gets corrupt and I was forced to stop the movie and start the player again to solve the problem.
2.Moreove sound quality gets affected on increasing sound in VLC player 1.1.0

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