General Security Issues

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How to track your Android smartphone if lost or stolen

Are you looking for the perfect solution to track your Android smartphone using smart apps? Then walk through our resource to know more about some useful android apps and security systems that are renowned in this category of recovering your smartphone with ease.

Plugging existing holes in security

Every individual and especially companies must protect their confidential data on computers by identifying the common security holes and then plugging them. Read the article to know how to do this.

SpyAgent, a top rated and award winning monitoring software review and installation guide

Are you thinking of installing one of the best monitoring software in your computer? Do you want to track some of the unwanted activities on your computer? Do you want to keep a watch and control online activities on your computer in your presence or otherwise? I suggest you to install the SpyAgent, one of the top rated and award winning monitoring software. Read this article for full details of SpyAgent and be free from tension by keeping a track on activities that have been taking place in your computer.

Website Safety Check tools

Phishing and ecommerce scams are common these days. Many of the websites we browse daily are banks for malware and spyware. We should be careful and avoid such dodgy websites. Read this article to know about 'website safety check' tools like scamadviser and WOT which make our browsing secure.

How To Lock BIOS Settings

Want to lock BIOS settings and gain protection? In this article we will see step by step tutorial to lock down BIOS settings. And this will lock BIOS settings and hence remove access to boot external drives like CD/ROM and USB.

Best Parental Control Software for Windows 7

The Best Parental Control Software Windows 7 is a review for every distraught parent, who understands the need for adding a line of control at home. Look at what a mother found to be the best parental control software for Windows OS and why.

Best parental control software

Top 5 Free Parental Control Software’s 2012 have been reviewed here. Understand the features of each parental control software and determine if any of these will be the perfect match for your family’s needs.

Online Safety Tips For Teenagers

Online Safety for teenagers is a subject which has not been addressed as much as it should be. Check these online safety tips for teenagers to understand how to be alert to the virtual threats online and what you can do to counter these.

Most useful Hi-tech e-Surveillance Systems

Read this article to update your knowledge about such surveillance systems like – What is e-Surveillance, Application of e-surveillance, worldwide need for e-Surveillance and types of hi-tech Surveillance devices. In order to control increasing crime rate and terrorist activities across the globe, the hi-tech security systems requirement observed universally. A wide-range of hi-tech security equipments, embedding innovative features are available in worldwide market.

USB Drive Virus Infected - Solutions and Prevention

In this resource i would like to introduce about the rik of pendrive being prone to infections. I would also like to make you familiar with the procedure of making your pen drive safe to use without any fear of threats.

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