Windows 10 Technical Preview Articles

Do you like to install Windows 10 technical preview and try your hands on the next version of Windows? Read our articles on how to install, configure and use Windows 10 tech preview.

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Troubleshooting Windows 10: Will That Work?

The most awaited Windows 10 has been launched a few days back. People are in a frenzy to upgrade their system into it. But each blessing has its own caveat too. There are issues which can bother the new users after a few days of usage. Even the updates may not be addressing them in a shot. A few fix tricks can make the necessary changes, and this article is a brief guide through those troubleshooting tricks.

How to fix Windows 10 Sound Errors

Windows 10 upgrade hasn't gone smoothly for everyone. Some device drivers have issues with graphics, sound and few with network adapters. If you have encountered any audio issues then do read the workaround listed below.

Windows 10: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The best way to get acquainted with the Windows 10 is to get answers to the queries that are common in most of the minds both of the novices and experts. In this article I have just jotted down those probable queries and their solutions in a nutshell.

Unique features of Windows 10

Microsoft is launching Windows 10 on July, 29 this year. Provided as a free upgrade in the first year to the existing Windows 7 and 8 users, you can reserve your Windows 10 copy. What are the new features you can expect from Windows 10? We will analyse the exciting reasons to why you should opt for Windows 10.

How to Automatically Login to Windows 10 Start Screen without Entering Password?

Have you tried the multiple accounts available with Windows 10 Technical Preview? Do you want your PC to boot directly to Windows 10 desktop by skipping the initial Windows 10 login screen? Read further to know how you can configure Windows 10 to boot automatically to Windows 10 Start screen without having to enter any account password every time. In this article, you will understand tips to enable automatic sign in to Windows 10 startup screen.

Top new features in Windows 10

In this article, I am going to explain about the top new features in Windows 10. Windows 10 is a successor to Windows 8.1 and is one of the most awaited OS from Microsoft.

Top Windows 10 Food and Nutrition apps

Health related apps are something which affect can affect the quality of your life if used seriously. So it is important that if you are planning to manage take your health in your own hands by getting the right nutrients everyday then you should use only the best Health and Nutrient related apps available out there for your Windows 8 or 10 device.

How to download Windows 10

Are you looking for the Windows 10 ISO download link? Stay tuned to learn how to download and install Windows 10 technical preview.

Windows 10 phones and upcoming updates

Are you looking for a Windows 10 phone? Read the article to know about the release date of Windows 10 phones and news about Windows 10 updates for phones.

Difference between Windows 10 and Windows 8

This article is a comparison between Windows 10 and Windows 8. See what changes and improvements have come with Windows 10 and if they really make the Windows 10 experience better than that of Windows 8.

My first experience with Windows 10 Technical Preview

I have taken the bite and installed Windows 10 beta to get the fresh feel of the Windows 10 Technical Prevew release. Read my experience with Windows 10 and how do I feel about it in comparison with Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Facts you should know about Windows 10

Microsoft has recently launched the technical preview of Windows 10. Here are some facts that you should know about it like pricing and release date of Windows 10, what is new in Windows 10 and whether to go for Windows 10 or not.

New Features in Build 9860 of Windows 10 Technical Preview

Microsoft released its new build 9860 for its recently released 'Windows 10 Technical Preview'. Though its primary objective is to fix some installation bugs and apply some security patches, they came up with few more 'eye-candy' features. Hold your breath for a while I will explain all the new features added in this new build.

A Complete Guide to New Windows 10 Features

Microsoft has finally released its most awaited operating system 'Windows 10'. Though it is just a beta version, there are many exciting new features added in this release. In this article I would like to share top four features that attracted huge attention from the users. We will discuss how to work with them along with some of their keyboard shortcuts.

Windows 10: a simple wish list of features

Is there something special you would wish for in Windows 10 OS? This article is my own simple wish list, from the point of view of somebody with little technical knowledge and prefers something really, really simple!

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