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Analysis of Jan Dhan Yojna - success or failure?

The BJP government led by Narendra Modi launched the Jan Dhan Yojna amid much fanfare as soon as it assumed power. Aimed at being an all inclusive financial scheme, it envisaged bringing all sectors of the society into banking services. Has it really been successful? Let us analyse the finer details here.

Children's Investment Plans - Are they really useful?

" A Child is the father of a Man", so goes a proverb. Truly, it is only after you become a father that you understand the real meaning of responsibility. Many of us begin to invest for our child's future as soon as the the child is born. Let me try to analyse a few points on this ever important facet of our lives.

How to link your Aadhaar card directly with your LPG console online

Are you worried about not having your Aadhaar card linked with your online LPG account? Go through this article and learn how to link your Aadhaar card directly with your LPG console online without visiting the HP gas distributors. This article provide you a step by step tutorial about updating your Aadhaar details in your online LPG console account.

The next generation of banking

People wander around banks to change their denominations and currencies when they travel from one country to other. Now there are simple ways to save time and money to help you in transaction. Internet banking companies have now expanded its roots so that you can transact your money literally from anywhere and anytime.

How to close Paypal account

Do you want to close your Paypal account? Are you searching for the options in the Paypal website? Follow the steps below to close your account permanently.

How to deposit money in PPF account Online

PPF accounts allow users to deposit up to Rs 1,50,000 per year and is commonly used by people to save tax. In fact, the interest from PPF account is also completely tax free. However, depositing money in the PPF account can be time consuming especially if you are doing so in batches through out the year. Online deposit to PPF account on the other hand is simple and can save a lot of time.

Top 10 Budgeting Software

Personal budgeting software is one of such help that each of us require when we want to organize our financial status. It can change lives. Check out in this article for the top 10 of such software.

LIC housing finance limited is the best choice

With a wide range of options available, the LIC housing finance limited stands out when it comes about financing the purchase of a new house or a flat. This article describes about the company in detail and its several noteworthy loan schemes. These schemes have been designed keeping in mind the needs of the common people. The company is also looking forward to widen the scope for the self employed and the women's section of the society by providing them hassle free loans

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