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RBI pushes vigorously for Digital Payments amid COVID-19

If you were using mobile wallets till now, you might have been annoyed by the restricted nature of their operation. However, RBI has recently been pushing for the digital payment revolution and has been pushing for digital payments vigorously. The ability to perform NEFT and RTGS transactions through mobile wallets is a welcome gesture in the right direction.

Mistakes to Avoid While Applying for a Personal Loan

Read this article to know what mistakes you need to avoid before you apply for a Personal Loan. Know the points that lenders check before approving your loan and what you can do to make sure to get a Personal Loan at a low-interest rate.

How Bitcoin can prove to be the currency of the future?

Will Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency prove useful to all of us in the future, or is it just a breeze that will be over after some time? In today's article, we will talk about Bitcoin negative news, Bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange corporation & Bitcoin ATM in India.

Form 16 - All you need to know before filing your Income Tax Return in 2020

Form 16, as we know is a salary certificate issued to an employee by his employer for the tax deducted and details of salary paid and the employee use it for filing his Income Tax Return. Form 16 is more than that, and today we will be discussing each aspect of Form 16 in detail so that you get in-depth knowledge about Form 16.

Check the correctness of Form 26AS before filing your ITR

Read this article to know why it is important to compare the tax deducted and deposited against your PAN with Form 26AS. Understand how it will save you from a lot of trouble while filing your Income Tax return and will enable faster processing of the refund, if any.

How to use PSB Doorstep Banking with SBI?

The pandemic times have made it a little difficult for the senior citizens and others to visit the banks for the day to day banking activities. The Public Sector banks in India have come up with great initiative to offer the best possible doorstep banking services to their customers.

5 Apps that help you to invest in penny stocks

Interested in investing in penny stock but don't know where to start your research from? Read about our top 5 apps that focus on upcoming and existing penny stocks, give you suggestions, contain details information about these companies and can help you make the right decision about investing.

Choosing a stock for long term investment

A stock market is a place where fortunes are made with the right kind of knowledge and the right kind of implementation. If you want to get quick money from a stock market, then you are in the wrong place. You need to wait for more to get huge wealth in the stock market. This is where stock picking for long term investment comes in picture. This article provides a way to choose the right stock for long term investment.

8 Features of Fintech Apps that Appeal to Millennials

Read this article to know the features that attract the Millennial generation to fintech apps. What exactly attracts the Millennial generation to user fintech apps, how can companies garner their trust and make them long term users of their apps.

Perfect time for NRIs to invest in Indian real estate

Are you an NRI and are planning to buy a property in Ahmedabad? Read this article to know why it might be the best time to buy a property in Ahemdabad. Know how you should approach the property market and how it suits you as an investment.

5 Best Apps for All your Short Term Loan Needs

In the time of online businesses and digital payments, it is important for businesses and professionals to have a source of quick credit with minimal paperwork and quick disbursement. Read this article to know the top such credit sources for Short Term loan needs in India

How to use ClearTax.In to E-File Income Tax Return (ITR)

ClearTax.In is one of the top websites to e-file Income Tax Returns (ITR) online. They are government approved intermediary to take for your taxation needs. Both free e-filing and expert assisted e-filing is provided. Here is all about this website, features, pricing and pros & cons.

How to Check PPF Balance Online

If you have a PPF account and you want to check balance in the account, you need not visit the bank branch every time. Most of the banks allow users to check the PPF balance online as well. This post explains in detail about how to check the PPF balance online.

PPF vs Fixed Deposits: Which is better and why?

Public Provident Fund (PPF) and fixed deposits in banks are the two safest investment instruments for risk averse investors. Is PPF better than bank FD or vice versa? Find out in this comparison between PPF and fixed deposits, which is better, when, and why.

Upwardly Review- Best Platform for Mutual Fund Investments?

Are you investing in mutual funds but want to make the process of finding best-suited schemes, making investments & tracking your portfolio hassle free? Check out this detailed Upwardly Review wherein we have explored the features & benefits of this platform in detail.

PayTM POS App review - Is it worth it?

Following the recent demonetisation by the Government of India, mobile wallet firms have been leaving no stone unturned to benefit with the cashless, or the digital payments mode. PayTM is at the forefront of such ventures. One of the recent offers from the company is PayTM POS app which is said to facilitate the merchants to switch to digital payments mode. Here is a little insight into the app.

How I know the fair value of my property in Kerala?

Fair value of a land is the minimum amount to be shown in a document for registration. Kerala is one of the few states where fair value of land introduced legally. Here comes the detailed information about fair value of Kerala.

How to link Aadhar Card to Bank account

The process of linking aadhar card to bank account is almost similar for every bank. Note that not all banks provide net-banking and SMS facilities for this linkage. For the convenience of readers, the article details the exact process of linking aadhar card to Axis, UCO, Canara, Punjab National Bank, IDBI and Bank of Baroda bank accounts.

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