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The Bajaj V15- A Review

The Discover models of late have not been doing well for the Indian manufacturer and here the company brings a very different unconventional, non-contemporary designed bike. The bike has some things to brag, the body; especially the fuel tank is built with the same steel used in the India's first aircraft carrier," The INS Vikrant". Now on paper this bike has everything in it to steal the limelight, but how it is in reality. Let us do it. Hope this review s useful.

The New Honda Shine SP: A review

Honda releases yet another solid offering, the Honda Shine SP. Well this is a very good idea of investing in the commuter category in India, because majority of the bikes being sold in India are commuter bikes. Honda upgrades the old Shine to replace it with a new stunning and beautiful design. Let us see how this bike fares.

The 2016 Mercedes E Class Saloon- A Review

Well the company strikes the right chord with another valuable and a fantastic release of their latest saloon, The Mercedes E Class Saloon. Here I would like to write about the new Mercedes E Class. Hope you will find this review useful and get you into that frame of mind to decide if this is the car for you. Hope this article is useful.

The Latest Innova: The Crysta - A Review

Innova is the best MPV in India. Do you agree? Well I don't think anyone will disagree, and even if some will, the number will be very few. Toyota brings the latest edition of the almost decade old Innova, the Crysta. It is a very good advancement and takes the Innova tradition to a whole new level. This is my view about the new MPV (Multipurpose Vehicle) from Toyota. Hope this article helps you in actually understanding the car.

Honda Navi – Innovation Taken To Next Level

Manufactures often decide to take a little bit of risk and think of entering into the area of possible darkness where no one has ever travelled. The only reason behind the risk being taken is the willingness to bring a unique product to the market. The risk associated with these innovative and out of the box thinking is always huge. But some travels into glory while others are never noticed. One such brave move is the Honda Navi. I would like to review the scooter the Honda Navi.

Honda CB Hornet 160R: A review

Honda, known for bringing reliable bikes in the Indian market comes with a new model The Honda CB Hornet 160R. This is the successor to the ever reliable and one of the most successful bikes in the segment the Honda Unicorn 150 and also the 160 variant of Honda Unicorn. Here I would review the new Honda Hornet 160R. Hope this article is informative.

The best car in the world: The Rolls Royce Phantom, a review

If I ask who loves Rolls Royce people who haven't se en the car will also respond in the positive. The name itself has a lot of royalty that anyone hearing will have a word to speak. Rolls Royce has also been the symbol of royalty from so many years and it has become better ever since the new models have come to the fore. The latest Rolls Royce cars have been designed superbly and so carefully without affecting the survival of the original designs. This is my review of the latest Rolls Royce Phantom.

Toyota Prius Hybrid, The true Hybrid car: A review

The latest Prius of the 2016 is a true hybrid car. It is car with a combustion engine and an electric motor that is fuel efficient and burns less fuel than the normal car. Read on the salient features of this car and how it performed in our review.

The new Yamaha R15s review

I don't think anyone will disagree with me, if I say the R15 is the best designed commuter sport bike in the Indian market today in the 150cc segment. R15 has been the epitome of success for performance bikes in the Indian market and R15 has brought its latest variant the R15s. This is a brief review about the bike. Hope it is useful.

Electric Vehicles in India

There are few electric cars in India, but there are many electric vehicles like Scooters. Read more about Electric vehicles in India.

Review of 2014 Chevrolet Beat Facelift

Are you looking to buy 2014 Chevrolet Beat Facelift? To revive the fading buzz around the Beat, General Motors has launched Chevrolet Beat Facelift. Read the article to know its features, ride quality, price, colors and detailed review.

Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG 2015: Features, price & review

Are you looking to buy the new Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG? Mercedes first unveiled its CLA45 AMG at the Indian Auto Expo 2014 and it is now going to launch it in India in the second half of this year. Read the review to know its features, price & detailed review.

Things to consider before buying a new car

This article gives an overview of things you should keep in mind while buying a new car. This article talks about buying criteria like maintenance, brand power, resale value, fuel type, etc. Follow these cars buying tips.

2014 Tata Zest India: Design, powertrain & review

Are you looking to buy the 2014 Tata Zest? With the new Zest, Tata Motors aim to get back its lost ground from Maruti, Honda & Hyundai in the crucial sub-4 metre sedan segment. Read the article to know its design, powertrain & review.

Drive experience with Mercedes-Benz GL class- Review

Have you been waiting for a luxury SUV from Mercedes-Benz? Kindly read further to know the features and specifications of Mercedes-Benz GL class SUV. In this article, I have discussed the performance, interiors, design and price of Mercedes GL class SUV.

2015 BMW M3: Review, price & availability

Are you looking to buy 2015 BMW M3? BMW recently introduced its 5th generation M3 sedan, the new 2015 BMW M3 alongside M4 coupe at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show. Read the article to know its features, price and a detailed review.

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