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Learn more about the modern web browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox and other browsers. Learn the tricks to browse safely and faster.

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How to use Microsoft Edge browser features

Microsoft Edge is going to be a modern browser, with standard support, seamless experience, faster speeds, and unique features like a personal assistant and annotation of web pages. Here is an overview of the many things possible with the browser.

How to clear cache and browsing history with Microsoft Edge

Clearing your browsing history, cookies, form data, tracking permissions and other data is made easier with the Microsoft Edge aka Project Spartan. Learn how you can clear your cache and other data with the new browser to replace Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Edge Review

Microsoft's new browser 'Edge' is trending nowadays and it is said that it will compete with the top web browsers once released. Will it do so? or will it be same as Internet Explorer? Let's find out more about the browser.

What is New in Microsoft Edge Browser?

Stuck with all new Microsoft Edge Browser on Windows 10? In this article, I will explain in detail the all new features of Microsoft Edge, while comparing it with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Incognito mode in browsers will not protect you

In this article, I will explain how Incognito mode or privacy mode which is a popular feature in most of the browser will not protect our privacy. This feature is used in browsers for protecting the privacy of its users, but they are not doing the job. This article will tell you why.

Cool and Useful web browsers for Windows 7

Most of us use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as default web browsers in our desktops of Windows 7. But, do you know that there are other cool web browsers for Windows 7? This article will introduce you some of them.

Steps to mute Google Chrome tabs automatically using "Mute Inactive Tabs" or "MuteTab"

Want to know the tricks to mute multiple Google Chrome tabs at once? Have you checked out the features of MuteTab Google Chrome extension or features of Mute Inactive Tabs Chrome extension? Please read further to know how you can select the Chrome tabs you want to mute. This article will provide you tips to silent all Google Chrome tabs automatically.

How to block websites in Google Chrome

Many times you may want to avoid your kids visiting certain websites like game sites or adult content sites. In this article, I will explain how to block certain websites in Google Chrome browser.

Most used free Mozilla Firefox addons in 2014

Firefox is the most commonly used browser worldwide. Download Firefox add-ons to make your internet browsing activities more secure than earlier. Mozilla Firefox has thousands of add-ons. Out of these, I am discussing about the top used Firefox add-ons which are free to download from Mozilla Firefox add-on store.

Epic Browser: True Indian browser.

Epic browser is the first ever Indian browser and the first product from the Indian software company Hidden Reflex. It is also world's first Anti-Virus browser. In this resource I will give a brief description of different features of Epic.

Top ten browser extensions to increase your productivity

In this article I will explain some of the best browser extensions that can be used to increase your productivity. These browser extensions have some features that can be used simply many tasks that we perform while using internet.

Common URL shortners | Benefits and Features

The popularity of URL shortners is increasing day by day. Most of the affiliate marketers use such services. This post explains in detail the features and benefits of URL shortners. It also lists the limitations or disadvantages of such services.

Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Extensions are a way to enhance the performance of a browser enabling them with features that not only is attractive but also useful for our daily activities. This article covers the top 5 Google Chrome extension essential for Bloggers.

How to open multiple Gmail accounts in Google Chrome

Read this article on 'How to open multiple Gmail accounts in google chrome'. Many times we want to open many gmail IDs using same browser, Google chrome is fastest browser and also easy and also provide facility of multiple ID sign. By this article you will know how to sign in to multiple gmail IDs.

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