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Learn more about Google AdSense program, how to make money from Google AdSense, how to optimize your content to increase the click rate and cost per click (CTC) of your Ads. Google AdSense is the most popular advertising and monetization solution for webmasters and bloggers. Learn more about Google AdSense.

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How to prevent AdSense Click Bombing

Are you suddenly getting a lot of clicks on your AdSense Ads and are you suspecting click bombing? Learn how to protect your AdSense account from click bombing and keep your Google AdSense account in good standing to avoid disabling by Google.

How to increase AdSense CPC for Indian traffic and increase revenue

Many Indian publishers complain about low CPC and thus overall low Adsense revenue. AdSense income is significantly influenced by the CPC and that answers why Indian publishers usually relatively low income from AdSense. Read this article to learn more about the low AdSense income for Indian traffic.

What is the highest AdSense CPC?

AdSense publishers are always looking for higher CPC for their Ads. In this post, I will discuss what is the maximum CPC an AdWords advertiser would pay and what is the highest amount AdSense publisher can get per click.

How to display more than 3 AdSense ad units in one page

Are you an AdSense user trying to find out how to use more than 3 ad units per page? Google AdSense program allows only 3 AdSense content Ads per page. In this article, I will give few work arounds to display more than 3 content ad units per page.

Completed 10 years with Google AdSense program

Read my journey with Google AdSense program and how it changed my life in last 10 years. Thank you, Google, for building this great platform that helped thousands of bloggers to build their career on the web.

Top 10 tips to increase CPC - cost per click on Google Adsense

A huge traffic doesn't guarantee good earnings from Google Adsence. Many users find themselves stuck on the lower end of the earnings after using Google Adsence for their blogs or websites. The optimization of Google Adsence is very important if you want to increase your revenue through the increase in CPC (cost per click). So here are some good tips to increase Google Adsense CPC, and enhance earnings through Google Adsense.

How to get visitors from US or UK to increase your Adsense earnings

Are you looking for some tips to get your blog visited by people from the regions of US and UK? This article will make you familiar of some workings tips to get maximum from your blog content by getting great earnings from AdSense. So, go through this article and learn "How to get visitors from US or UK to increase your Adsense earnings".

How many publishers use AdSense in the world

AdSense is the most popular ppc network in the world. It is popular as it is easy to use and provides comparatively better earnings to the publishers. This post summarizes the reasons behind popularity of Adsense program and approximately how many people use it.

What is adult content for AdSense

AdSense is one of the most popular income streams for bloggers all over the world. However, one needs to take certain precautions in order keep the AdSense account safe. One requirement for Google Adsense program is there should not be adult content on the website.

Risks involved in using wire transfer for AdSense

Are you eagerly waiting for the direct bank transfer (EFT) for your AdSense payments from Google? Read more about the official announcement and learn how to enable EFT from Google AdSense. Also, read the risks involved in choosing this option.

How to keep your Google AdSense Account in good standing

This article gives important guidelines of Google AdSense account. Google strictly monitors the Google AdSense account to check whether user follows the policies and rules or not. This article gives most common violated policies of Google AdSense in simple language to help those who got their Google AdSense approved recently.

Can we use AdSense Ads on download related pages?

Are you wondering if you can place AdSense ads near the download link to improve the CTR and make better revenue from AdSense? Read this article to know how placing AdSense ads near download button violates AdSense policies.

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