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Latest Laptops, Tablets and convertibles -Best Buy

Looking for the best features, specification and of course price range of the latest laptops, tablets and convertibles to buy from? This article gives you the best buy for the different segments of the latest gadgets in the market with their specifications, features and price.

Review of Dell Latitude 10 ST2 tablet

Dell's Latitude 10 ST2 tablet is meant for business users. The most attractive feature of the Latitude 10 is that, you can convert it into a desktop with the docking stand. Read the review of Latitude 10 ST2 and learn the design, features and performance of this professional tablet.

Best 5 top Windows 8 Tablets to buy in 2013

Searching for a good laptop running on Windows 8 OS which satisfies your work and gaming related needs? Read our article for the best 5 Windows 8 laptops which are available for budget price and with nice configurations.

Review of Sony VAIO Tap 20 Mobile Desktop

In this article, I am going to throw light on some of the key features of the Sony VAIO Tap 20 Mobile Desktop. You can say that it is a desktop PC, but the amazing thing is that you can take it anywhere with you. So, it suits to call it a 'Mobile Desktop'.

Top 5 Intel based tablets with Windows 8

Intel based tablets offer the best Windows 8 experience for the users with wide variety of features. The latest Intel Atom processor Z2760 designed specifically for Windows 8 is providing outstanding battery life in tablets. Read about top 5 Intel based tablets with Windows 8 here.

Microsoft Surface Tablet/Laptop: A versatile Gadget

Microsoft Corporation has increased its popularity rate by releasing all new Microsoft Surface Tablet/Laptop. It is a cool tablet cum laptop gadget prevailing in the world. Here is an article regarding the all-new Windows 8 Microsoft Surface Tablet, its review, specifications, usage, storage, working, price and much more. This article relates "Microsoft Surface Tablet/Laptop: A versatile Gadget".

Features & price of Latitude 10 Windows 8 tablet by Dell

Dell recently announced its low price Latitude 10 Windows 8 tablet at CES 2013. Read all details about its specifications, features and price to know where this latest Windows 8 tablet stands in highly competitive Windows 8 tablet market.

Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC: Price in USA with full specifications and features

Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon table PC price in USA with full specifications and features are given here. Being the first interpersonal PC ever produced by Lenovo, the Horizon is a multi-user device which allows users for shared computing experience. The tablet which has got a 27 inch screen will let two or more people to use the screen simultaneously. For serious gamers, the device would be ideal while games can be played among several players.

Get going with the Samsung Series 7 slate: review and features

What makes the Samsung Series 7 slate an unbeatable gadget in the portable tablet category. Find out what's so special about the Samsung Series 7 slate's features that sets it apart from other tablets and why its the best buy this season for professionals and home consumers looking for a tablet that is packed with superb functionality.

Vizio Windows 8 tablet MT11x-A1: Full specifications, features and price in USA

Vizio Windows 8 tablet MT11x-A1 full specifications, features and expected price in USA are given here. Unveiled at the CES 2013 in Las Vegas, the 11.6 inch tablet will be the first of its kind from the company which runs full version of Windows 8, rather than Windows RT. The other highlight of device would be Full HD 1080p display screen and AMD Z60 dual-core 1 GHz processor.

Razer project Fiona gaming tablet: Review | Features, Specifications and Price

Developed as a concept during CES 2012, Razer project Fiona gaming tablet is the first gaming tablet exclusively designed by gamers for gamers. Read the article to find its specifications & features. Expected to be priced between $1299 and $1499, this tablet would be a perfect choice for those interested in serious gaming. With more than 10,000 likes/shares acquired from its official page, Razer is stepping forward with this popular gaming tablet for gamers. The Fiona would run Windows 8 OS.

Windows 8 tablets and convertibles from lenovo

Lenovo has come out with some innovative designs of convertibles and flips that support the latest Windows 8 Operating System. The hardware is not just intrinsically crafted but the various features and applications it supports make it a demanding one. This article covers the latest Windows 8 convertibles by lenovo.

Best selling Windows 8 Tablets in the market

If you are looking for a best featured Windows 8 tablet or laptop, you should go through this post which covers specifications and percentage of market share gained by top 10 selling Windows 8/RT tablets in global market.

Cheapest Windows 8 Tablet : Acer Iconia W510 Tablet

The article deals with the cheapest Windows 8 tablet now available, which is the Acer Iconia W510 Tablet. Read more on this article to know the detailed review and features of the tablet, which is based on the latest Windows 8 OS, from Acer

Dell Latitude 10 Tablet Review

Dell launches a new Windows 8 tablet, Dell Latitude 10. Read more to find the complete review and specifications of this tablet.

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