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Leoxsys LEO-USB-WIFI not working? Let us troubleshoot

Are you having problems with your LEO-USB-WIFI Hotspot device? Read and try these troubleshooting before you contact their customer support. In most cases, you can resolve most of these WIFI issues with the help of these tips.

How to check balance of Tata Photon+ datacard

Are you using Tata Photon+ or Tata DOCOMO for internet and want to check the balance? Read this article to learn how to check the balance and current usage of bandwidth so that you can recharge before you lose internet access.

Google's OnHub wireless router

Did you know that Google recently released their own wireless router in association with TP Link? Here's how it looks like on papers and in reality.

Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R205: Review and Features

Here in this article I'm going to reveal the details about a best 3G WiFi router Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R205. This article will be more helpful for you. Read the article and know the complete features.

LEO-USB-WIFI Hotspot device hands-on review

Are you shopping for a pocket wireless router? Read our hands-on review on LEO-USB-WIFI hotspot device that can be used as your travel WIFI hotspot device. Read our experience with this gadget.

How to get Airtel 4G in Kerala

After a long anticipation finally 4G services has launched in Kerala. Airtel is the first service provider to bring 4G to God's own country. In the initial stage, 4G services can be experienced in the city limits of Kochi and Kozhikode.

How to upgrade from Airtel 3G to 4G

Do you like to know how to upgrade from Airtel 3G to 4G connection? Follow the simple steps mentioned in this article to upgrade your Airtel mobile connection to 4G and enjoy the lightning fast internet.

How to use iPhone in India and connect to internet with Airtel

Are you trying to use iPhone in India to make phone calls and connect to internet? I recently brought an iPhone 4 from USA. Read my experience on how I am using it with Airtel prepaid network for phone calls and connecting to internet. You may use the same steps to connect to other networks like Idea, BSNL etc.

TP-Link TL-WR1043ND WiFi Router Review: Best WiFi Router in India

Today in this article I am going to review one of the best WiFi router available in the Indian Market; TP-Link TL-WR1043ND. As today everyone are looking to buy new routers for setting up WiFi in their houses, I would recommend this device. Read on to find out the interesting features that this device delivers to you out from the box.

How to use Mobile Phone as Modem for Laptop or Desktop?

This article explains step by step procedure about using mobile phone as modem for internet connection. It may appear to be a difficult task but if you follow the instructions, it is pretty easy to use your mobile phone as model for internet connection on Laptop or Desktop.

Top 8 low budget Data cards available in India

Are you looking for a low budget 2G/3G data card? What about those of Huawei, Micromax, Devante, ZTE brand? There are so many data cards available in India at very affordable prices. Read more!

Best wireless routers below Rs 1,500

Are you on a strict budget and looking for buying a wireless router which gives value for money? Here we are comparing some of the best selling wireless routers below Rs 1,500 to help you choose the best and cheap routers for you.

Top selling pocket 3G wireless routers

Looking for a pocket 3G or 4G wireless router? Here we are comparing top selling pocket router models in Amazon India. Learn more about various features and USP of these top selling models

Huawei E355 Wireless Hotspot hands-on review

Are you looking for hands-on reviews of Huawei E355 Wireless Hotspot device? We spent quite some time with a Huawei E355 WiFi Hotspot unit and have shared our experience here. Read this review to find more about one of the best wifi hotspot devices available in India.

Top 5 budget 3G Wi-Fi routers in India

3G Wi-Fi routers are now popular in India with the introduction of 3G networks. But in order to use 3G internet connectivity in your portable devices like tablets and laptops you need a 3G Wi-Fi router. It also acts as hotspot to share connection with multiple users and helps to extent the signal coverage. In this article you can read the features, price and specs of budget 3G Wi-Fi routers available in India within the price range of Rs.3000

ManageEngine WiFi Monitor Plus - Features and Review

Manage your WiFi business or monitor the performance of your home WiFi with the new Android app ManageEngine WiFi Monitor Plus. See what this app does, how it analyzes, surveys and finds where is the problem in your WiFi connection that is affecting the speed that you should otherwise be getting.

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