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How to protect your Cloud account

Recent hacking of celebrity accounts has raised questions on online server data security. Practice simple methods to secure your account and keep your data safe.

Why Hong Kong needs to Invest in Cloud Computing providers

If you ask ten technology experts to define cloud computing, you might get ten different answers. However, the fact is still that cloud is the way to go and now it is up to the consumers to participate in the growth of cloud. Read this article to know why and how to do that.

Review of JustCloud - free cloud storage

Are you looking for a free cloud storage service? Take a look at our review of JustCloud, another professional cloud storage service that offers plenty of free storage space in the cloud.

Understanding Google Inbox - A new Gmail User Interface

Google has recently announced the all new Google Inbox app, a new UI for basic Gmail Inbox. Read this article to know about the features of new Google Inbox, how to get Google Inbox, some FAQ's about this new app, where to download Google Inbox and how to get it with or without an invite.

How to make free phone calls using FreeKall cloud-based service?

Did you know you can now make free calls from landlines and mobile phones without using internet or apps? How does Freekall work and who are the founders of FreeKall? FreeKall provides free offline voice calling service from our phone by making use of cloud technology. In this article, I shall discuss the features of Freekall and it's advantages to majority of Indians who like talking on phone.

Google Tag Manager – Developer Guide

Read this article to know about Google Tag Manager. Learn how is this used for? What could it accomplish? Know all about Google Tag Manager through this article.

Comparison between App Store and Google Play

To make our life easier, developers give deeper thoughts in deciding the relevant market for the particular app to be launched. The intrinsic question is important due to the consequent increase in app downloading from various online markets. In this article we would concentrate on – Google Play and App Store.

Configuration and use of cloud file hosting by Dropbox

This article is all about what is Dropbox and how it is useful for cloud file hosting services. How to use it for online storage purpose and how to configure for it? Read the following article to know about Dropbox, its configuration and its use as well as what are the different options available for Dropbox working.

Cloud computing Benefits

Learn basic details about Cloud computing which is taking over internet arena in the recent years.

Google Drive- A new way to store files

Google Drive is an endeavor to facilitate file storing and managing in ones Google Docs. With the beautiful feature of accessing any file anywhere anytime Google drive is surely the next thing in demand

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