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Protect Your Android Phone with a VPN

Know how a VPN protects your Android smartphone by providing privacy and security for your personal confidential data. Learn the benefits and disadvantages of using a VPN on your Android smartphone.

How to cut your 4K videos on Windows or Mac easily using VideoProc

Our smartphone cameras are becoming smarter these days. Then we have specifically designed action cameras that shoot in 4K. Have you thought of a video editing tool that can be helpful in performing the high-end cutting, trimming and other essential video processing needs? Well, there are several options that can offer an expert level performance.

Top 10 password managers in 2021

Have you ever been in a situation where you have forgotten your passwords and are forced to reset them frequently? In such a scenario, a password manager is what would help by keeping your passwords safe and easy to fetch.

Review of PhotoRec – a reliable digital picture recovery software

The world has started to use more and more electronic gadgets and more information is being stored in electronic formats instead of traditional modes for use at ease. When electronic data is saved or recorded in any electronic format, it becomes imperative to find good software for the recovery of the same, once it is lost accidentally or intentionally. In this resource, I am going to discuss about one such software viz., PhotoRec. Kindly read on.

How to remove copy protection of a DVD or VCD

Learn how to remove copy protections of DVDs and VCDs to copy them. This article deals with all the working tricks to copy copyrighted DVDs and VCDs easily and quickly. I have written about copying DVDs using VLC player and other DVD ripping softwares. Here you will get a list of most popular and powerful DVD/VCD ripping tools that help you copy discs. Hope this article would be a useful guide to copy copyrighted discs. Read on.

Top 20 free and essential software for your PC or Laptop

Whenever we are using PC or laptop many of us face the problems of data loss and wondered how to recover the lost data? Also there are some tools which are essential for your PC or Laptop other than operating system without which you can not run your system smoothly. Here is the list of top essential and free software for your laptop or PC.

Top 6 free online PDF to Word Converters

Have you ever wondered how to edit PDF documents? PDFs by design are not designed to be editable. If you really want to edit the PDF files, you need to convert them into Word. While converting a Word file into PDF is quite simple, turning a PDF document into Word needs you to opt for a few extra tools.

The IT Support Pro's Flash Drive

Read this article to know what an IT Support Pro's Flash Drive contains. What all tools do they keep with them to make sure that they resolve any computer issue in just one visit.

How to Free Up Disk Space on Windows 10

Learn how to free up disk space and how to clean C Drive on Windows 10 in less than 30 minutes and make it as good as new and boost your system performance also.

Stellar Repair for Access - A handy tool for Access Database Repair

Have you come across a damaged Access database and are stuck with no information on how to repair them? A simple mistake in a database file can create havoc and land the Access administrator in huge trouble. Want to check out the right tools that can help you repair an Access Database file?

The Pros and Cons of Scribus: The Free Desktop Publisher

Among many Desktop Publishing Programs, Scribus has been quite popular a package which comes Free of Cost but with great features. If you are looking out for a DTP program that gives you a hands on experience in laying out pages for creating several kinds of documents without any investment, Scribus can be one of the best. But it does have its own sets of Pros and Cons, check them out.

Google Photos Unlimited Storage ends soon - Alternatives

Google Photos recently announced that they will be ending the support of the free storage for high-quality photos on its cloud storage service. This has come as a huge blow to the users and most of us have been forced to look for the best Google Photos alternatives. So, what are the best Google Photos alternatives you can check out?

How to Defragment and Optimize Windows 10 Disk Drive for free?

Is your Windows 10 PC slowing down despite having the best possible configuration? It can be due to the fragmented files and other optimization issues of your files, sectors, and folders on the Windows file hierarchy. You can use the built-in solution within Windows 10 to optimise your disk performance.

Tips to Improve PC Performance on Windows 10

These powerful tips to optimize Windows 10 performance are going to turn your computer as good as new and boost your computing experience. All these tips are useful to speed up Windows PC.

BluffTitler 12 - an amazing tool for creating video intros

BluffTitler is a great way to instantly create an eye-catchy video intro for your video content. Video intros do a great task of helping you get the attention of the viewer. So, you should always use a really great video intro. To make your task of creating intros easy and fast you need to use BluffTitler. Read on to learn more about it.

How to restore .CHK files using free recovery software CHK-back?

CHK-back recovery software is free and is highly useful in recovering .CHK files without any hindrance. Though it is a freeware, it does great job equivalent to what paid software does. This user-friendly .CHK recovery software can restore photos, videos, audios and other documents.

How to convert your HD videos to other formats for free?

With a focus on video editing and the growth of video converter options currently available, you are perhaps lost for choice to find a good video editing tool. Are you looking for a free, yet a very capable video converter utility?

How to use the amazing features of Format Factory

In this article I am going to explain you some of the amazing features of a video conversion software called Format Factory. Along with converting videos from one format to another, it has way too many other features like join videos, mux and much more.

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