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How to enable or disable Direct Memory Access in Windows 7

Direct Memory Access (DMA) is one of the features which allows hardware devices to access the memory without intervention of the CPU so that data can be directly transferred between memory and the device. This article explains how to enable or disable DMA in Windows 7 computer.

Speed Up Windows 7 Performance

This article explains How to improve the performance of Windows 7 and how to optimize the Windows 7 operating system to work better using Windows utilities and some other hidden features of Windows 7

Best Free Photo Editing Software for Windows

Are you looking for some free photo editing software to make your photos and pictures pretty? There are many paid tools, but in this article I will discuss some of the best free photo editing utilities.

Show hidden files in Windows 7

Windows hides some critical files from the normal so that accidental damage to the files can be avoided. Learn how to change the file explorer settings to view and show hidden files.

System Restore in Windows 7 - A guide

System Restore is a built in feature by Windows that helps roll back your system to a stable state when major changes are made in the system and it goes wrong. This article describes the systme restore facility in Windows 7.

Disable the floppy drive in Windows XP

Even if you do not have a floppy drive in your computer, Windows XP loads the drivers for floppy drive controller. Follow the steps below to disable the floppy drive in windows XP

How to speed up a Windows 7 Computer

Windows 7 operating system is much more faster than the previous Operating systems of Microsoft. In this article, I have given some suggestions to increase the performance of a Windows 7 PC within a short time.

How to change wallpaper in Windows 7

Changing the Wall paper or the desk top background in Windows 7 operating system is not difficult and is a little bit different compared to previous versions of windows operating systems. In this article you will learn the procedure to change the desk top background in Windows 7 operating system

Make your computer Faster | Windows Tweaks

A Slow Computer is the most annoying problems that we face and is really very difficult to work with. Read the page to know the Windows tweaks and optimizations for fixing slow computer run faster.

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