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How to compress videos for email?

Email is perhaps the most widely used platform for communication. However, have you ever come across a situation where you are forced to avoid sending video through email? Well, email has a specific size requirement for emails and you need to use special techniques for compressing the videos.

How to compress videos for Instagram?

If you have ever attempted uploading a video onto Instagram, you would have observed that the social media network restricts the size of the video that you can upload. Are you looking for the right options on how to compress videos for Instagram? The tips here should prove to be effective enough.

Single online tool to crop images, audio and videos

In this article, we are reviewing an all in one Image, Audio and Video cropping online tool. If you are looking for cutting and cropping your multimedia files and don't want to use software for it, this is the tool you should go for.

How to download videos using AnyTrans?

Are you looking for the best options for watching videos and music offline? Of course, there are several options available that promise to offer that advantage,but having access to a tool that capably undertakes it natively can be an added advantage.

Top 5 Best Video Combiner tools to join multiple files with varying formats

There are situations you would want to join multiple videos for showcasing them on social media or for creating a story. The requirements would include the video combining requirements for YouTube, Instagram or for any other video sharing website. Read this article to know the right video combiner for your needs.

BeeTV App Download on PC Windows 10/8/8.1 & XP Devices

Movies and TV shows have always been the major source of entertainment for almost every one of us. If you are someone looking for the best ever experience in terms of movie and video streaming, you may find the BeeTV APK as an excellent option.

FreeTTS Review: Convert Text To Speech with ease

In this pool of TTS tools that are available online right now, it is hard to find out the good one. Today let's review FreeTTS, a free online tool that promises quick and accurate conversions. By the end of this review, you will be able to take a decision on whether this tool is worth your time or not.

What You Need to Do to Download YouTube Videos

Read this article to know the different methods available to you to download videos from YouTube. Download YouTube videos on Windows or Mac, with a browser or by using a software easily and quickly. Know how to do this from this article.

How to download YouTube videos on Windows 10

Want to download YouTube videos on your Windows 10 PC, then look no more. This YouTube downloader saves us a lot of time while downloading videos. Want to know how? Read on this article to know more about this software.

How to prevent Paypal account from getting Hacked and what do is if it gets hacked ?

In order to keep your Paypal account safe, you need to follow certain precautions that will be explained in this post. Even, if your account gets hacked, you should deal with the matter proactively by reporting this to the paypal team. Let us now discuss the causes of Paypal account getting hacked, what to do if it gets hacked and the methods to keep the Paypal account safe from hackers.

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro 18 Review

Read our exhaustive review of WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro 18, know what is new in this tool, what all features it is offering and what we think can be further improved in future versions.

Best free tools for extracting audio from DVD discs

DVD discs have been moving out of sight, but how about checking out the options to rip your DVDs and save them in the digital format? In fact, one of the most searched tasks is about the ability to extract audio for your DVD discs. In this compilation, we will check out the best options available for extracting audio from your DVDs.

Best free software for extracting audio from a Blu-ray disc

The world is moving towards the digitised multimedia format. However, the older physical media still prevails and we find a lot of people among us using the DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Have you ever given a thought to extract audio from the Blu-ray disc? Well, there are several tools that help you do that.

For Class: Easy Video Editing on Windows and Mac

Read this article to learn how to edit your videos on Windows or Mac. Know the tips and tricks on how you can enhance your videos with the proper cut, trim, resolution change, bit rate adjustment and more which various free tools.

Best Android and iPhone apps to do HD VoIP calls

If you want to talk to your loved ones in full HD picture quality and are looking for such apps for both iPhone and Android, this is the place to be. Today we are telling you about the top 5 apps for VoIP calling in HD quality.

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