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How to make tatkal booking easier and faster?

In this article, I will discuss all the problems we face while booking a tatkal train ticket on IRCTC, their remedies and some myths. Also I will explain how to use 'Magic Autofill', a simple online tool to book tatkal tickets easily.

Hiding last seen timestamp on Whatsapp Messenger app

Is it possible to disable the "Last seen" timestamp visible on your Whatsapp profile? Do you want to keep away some friends from knowing about your Whatsapp presence? Please read further to know how to hide 'last seen' information on Whatsapp. This article provides some useful tips to maintain privacy on Whatsapp with regards to 'last seen' status.

How to stream the content of your smartphone on to a television wirelessly

Do you want to stream the content of your smartphone on to a television or through a projector wirelessly via Google Chromecast, Miracast or Apple's iOS Devices? If you want to play your favorite games on LED TV or watch a new movie from mobile phone on big screen, this article tells you different ways of connecting up wirelessly.

Fuel saving tips : How to increase our car mileage

Rising inflation and rising price of petrol and diesel are the main culprit to dis balance our budget. Here are some useful tips to increase our car mileage and to increase fuel efficiency of our vehicle to maximum level.

Benefits of reading online terms and conditions of websites

Have you ever read online terms & conditions during registration at a website? Why should we read online terms & conditions before pressing the "I accept" button? Is our information on the web secured and is our Facebook profile accessed by unwanted sites or people? Please read further to get your answers and reasons for reading terms & conditions of a website. I have discussed the advantages of reading terms & conditions of a website before new account creation or software installation.

Useful ways to optimize a website for Google search results

Do you want to make your blog popular? Want to know about useful ways of website optimization? Looking to appear in top Google search results? In this article, we shall discuss about various SEO techniques and some useful tips to optimize a website. Proper website optimization goes a long way in helping your website to achieve a good Page rank.

How to permanently delete accounts from websites and remove online presence?

Are you looking to delete your Facebook account or Twitter account? Do you want to remove all personal information from internet? Searching for ways to completely delete your online presence? Is it possible to delete personal data from search engine results? Does Google provide an easy way to delete google account permanently? Here, I have discussed situations and ways to remove personal information and accounts from the online world.

Know your position among the rich in the world

Ever doubted your position in the list of millionaires? Eager to know your rank just like how you see in Forbes? Know how to check your rank based on your yearly earnings and your wealth. Read on, this articles helps you. - Website Review

You've probably come across with lots of online shops these days. If you love shopping fashion items such as clothing and fashion accessories, is definitely a great website to visit. It boasts for its 30-day return policy and customer services to make online hopping easy.

How to fix the blue screen error

Blue error screen is a common problem faced by Windows users. This article tells the causes as well as solutions to this problem.

Tips to get 1000 hits on the launch day of your blog

Every day hundreds of new blogs are getting on the web, either for business use, personal use or institutional blogs. So, how do we make our blog stand out and most importantly, how to ensure to get audience right from the opening day? Keep reading further and get to know the methods to build audience during the pre-launch your blog.

Organizing Facebook Contests for successful Brand Promotion

There are various ways of promoting your brand or product. Online promotion is one of the most effective methods of gaining popularity among users. Speaking of online promotion, no platform can be better than Facebook. Read this article to know some useful tips for conducting a contest on Facebook for brand promotion.

Top 6 wаys to speed uр уour computer's реrformаnce

We live in a fast paced world and we're always looking for the fastest way to get things done. We barely have time to wait for things these days and want everything instantly, so who has time to wait around for a slow computer? In this article get to know some handy tips that can really speed up your computer and hence its performance.

Top 8 ways to speed up your WordPress site

The loading speed of your website is not only an essential criterion for your users or visitors but also a crucial point for SEO experience. Google requires quick sites because users want a smooth navigation. Here are a few tips and methods that can effectively speed up your WordPress site and provide your visitors a great experience.

Tips for choosing and buying a refrigerator in India

Summer is here again and it is time for you to think of making a purchase of a refrigerator. Indian market is getting flooded with new models of refrigerators which is making it difficult for a right choice. If you are wondering how to make the best choice for purchasing a fridge, go through this article for the best selection tips.

The endless running Android game Temple Run- 3 simple steps to boost up score

Temple Run has been recorded as most successful endless android game so far in 2012 and 2013. This game is being played all over the world including the experts who can score infinite points in this game. I have been playing this game for quite some time and while playing, I discovered some tricks by which one can score bigger. So, go through this article and learn about the 3 simple steps / tricks to boost up your scoring ability in the Temple Run game.

Google Search tips, tricks and search operators

We keep extracting a lot of information through Google and it has always been a knowledgeable database to millions of us. Have we ever explored the sensible depth of Google search? Google Search isn't just a plain text box for it has got millions of technological definitions under its hood. Take out some time to explore some effective ways of searching in Google.

How to add or upload files to Dropbox

Dropbox serves as files host. In this article, I have discussed about how to add or upload files to dropbox in Windows, Mac, Linux and by using Dropbox website.

How IMEI no. helps to recover lost or stolen mobile phones?

Have you lost your mobile and are looking for information on how to recover your lost or stolen mobile? Do you want to know how to find the IMEI no. of your Nokia, Sony Ericsson or Blackberry handset? Read this article to know more about IMEI no. and the exact procedure to report for your lost or stolen mobile phone.

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