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How to Work With Printers as a Graphic Designer

Read this article to understand how as a graphic designer you must understand the working of the printer and the graphic designing software you use to design the graphics. Know which tool is optimized for which type of printing and how you can use this knowledge to give the best results possible.

What is Morphing?

Morphing is technology for transforming one image to another. Read this article to know what exactly in morphing and its uses in media industry.

Product Photo Editing and Retouching Boosts Your Online E-Commerce Business

E-Commerce has become norm of the day. Every other day, you see that a new virtual shop has come up in the online market. The competition is getting stiffer, and so e-Commerce retailers have to be on their toes to get maximum leverage for their business. Among many ways to make online store enticing for the buyers, photo editing and retouching for ecommerce has become one of the most sought-after methods.

The Amazing World of Image Editing & Retouching Services

Image editing & retouching is widely used for a variety of purposes like correcting the lighting, reducing the gradient, changing the background; if necessary or even changing the tone of the image to make it look brighter and eye-appealing for the marketing campaign.

Adjust color, brightness and contrast in Windows 7

The colors displayed on your screen may depend on your monitor, your video card, lighting and brightness to your desktop. With Windows 7, a new wizard allows you to set up the brightness, contrast, color and the readability of text displayed on your screen. Here, I explain you how to set the color in windows 7.

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