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How to play MKV files on Chromebook?

Struggling with playing MKV files on your Chromebook? Fret not, there are many other ways to play an MKV file on a Chromebook and we will be discussing all of these methods in this article. Read on!

Ubon Prime GS-311R Wired Heaphones

Came across the Ubon Champ GS-311R wired headphones with their exceptional sound signature, lookwise they look cheap and rugged with that plasticky finish, but they don't cost a dime and are available all over the local market.

Advantages of Subscribing to Internet Radio

Are you a Radio lover? Are you missing your home town radio stations while residing away? The Internet Radio can bring them to you in minutes. Read on to know what and all it has to cater to its subscribers.

Five Most Common Technology Myths

We often find people around us discussing technology, the dos and don'ts when it comes to taking care of gadgets. How many of us have really given all those advises some thought as to whether they are really true or not. So down below, I have listed 5 very common tech myths which many of us have believed it to be true.

Ultimate Ears RM headphone review

There are lot of headphone models available in the market and it is very difficult to choose one from the lot. Here comes the detailed review of UERM, Ul Ultimate Ears RM headphone, a quality model with many digital qualities.

Ibanez XPT-1400 TWGP Double Neck Electric Guitar

In this article I have provided information on Ibanez's double neck guitar- Ibanez XPT-1400 TWGP. I have provided a brief introduction of double neck guitars, the advantages and disadvantages and specifications of Ibanez XPT-1400 TWGP.

e-Touch Pen: convert your old monitors into touch screen

Have you ever wondered if some innovation would be capable of converting old monitors into touch screens? The answer to your question is right here. Take a look at the strategy behind e-Touch Pen which is capable of converting old monitors into touch screens.

Product Review by Request a Review

Are you a product manufacturer, software development company, PR firm or a service provider? Do you like your product or service reviewed by the team at and have your review published in our portal? Learn how to get to request a product review.

Best gadgets for fitness

In this article everyone can read the full review of gadgets give the best fitness to your body. I would mention the details about features, price and highlights for the product.

Logitech Wireless Combo MK 240- Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo

Read about the latest mouse and keyboard combo launced by Logitech in November 2012. Know about the features and specifications of this mouse keyboard combo. Know what Logitech spokespersons had to say about this device and what all new it has to offer.

Laptop buying guide - Tips for buyers

Confused about how to select a new computer or laptop? This article is a guide on how to buy a computer/laptop. Learn about the three most basic components in a computing device – the hard drive, processor and RAM.

MAID - Android powered Oven from India

This article is about India's first Android based microwave oven developed by Technopark-Technology Business Incubator (TBI). It was launched in the month of June in Kerala, India. Know all about this Android device in this article.

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