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StaySafe review: A Model Safety App to Follow?

If you are feeling unsafe on the roads, or any of your family member is getting unusually late, you feel like reaching them as soon as possible. We all face it at some point or the other, especially when the automated voice of their phone says, it is unreachable. The panic starts. Apps like StaySafe are a nice solution to this crisis, and we too need something similar or better, do you agree?

Opera introduces Bundled VPN - an Overview

Using VPNs has been the necessity of the hour these days. They help you shield your browsing details from your WiFi hotspot provider, or your ISP. It could be much helpful when you are dealing with sensitive information. But, then again – choosing a good VPN service provider can be another pain in the neck. It would be a good idea if your browser itself provides you the VPN services. That is exactly what Opera has done. It offers you a bundled VPN service. More on that in the following paragraphs.

Daak: A Personal Safety App from Bangladesh - Review

Today personal security of the common citizens are are stake, especially for the women. An app that can address such issues are always something we all are looking forward to. Daak is one such personal safety app that is developed in Bangladesh by Rupam, a popular IT startup. It has got features that can really change the scenario. We do really need something like this in India too, do you agree? Please share your opinion on this.

Antivirus and antimalware: do you need both?

Read this article to know what is the difference between a virus and malware and do you need separate protection from both or a single solution is sufficient. See what this detailed research says on this matter.

Combating the Security Risks of the Internet

What are the primary risks that lurk in the corners of the internet, ready to attack or fool you to cause you varied forms of damage, financial being just the only one? Read our article to know what all dangers are present when you are online and how you can protect yourself from these dangers.

TaskOne iPhone case review: A Multitasking Gadget

TaskLab introduces TaskOne TaskOne iPhone case which is a multitasking gadget with a collection of 22 tools. As it protects your expensive iPhone, so does it protects you and help you in different situations. To know what and all it can do more, read on.

Zoho Vault review- Your one stop Password Manager

"Online" is the buzzword of the day. Given the heavy amount of online presence we share, we tend to have a plethora of passwords. Having to remember a host of passwords is quite annoying. That is exactly where is the need for a Password Manager arises. Among a great and huge list of paid and free options available, we will focus on a recent Password Manager app today – Zoho Vault.

Personal Safety Apps in India: The Current Scenario

Today India is going through a tough time where personal security of the people especially the women gender is always under a threat. After the nerve-shattering Nirbhaya case, people started realizing the necessity of taking a step towards this issue. Many personal security apps came up with several features as a helping hand. But how are these apps faring? Are they able to make situations better yet? Let's have a look at the current scenario.

Butterfleye: The Cordless and Wireless Home Monitor

Today when security is an issue everywhere, monitoring your home while you are away is taking a step forward to protect yourself and your family. Butterfleye is one of the latest smart device that has gone cordless and wireless to serve the purpose better. IT has yet to be shipped from this December. This article has jotted down the key points to ponder before you make a choice to go for one in the market.

Norton Family Premier Review: The Parental Control Software

Are you worried about the safety of your child online? Today cyber crime is soaring high and your child and family can be at stake if you aren't careful before hand. Norton from Symantec has always been a brand name for antivirus and system security. Now it has also come up with Parental Control tools. Though you might be using its free edition, but the Premier promises to give you an extra layer of security. Is it really worth it? Have a look at what it has to offer.

How to Choose the Best Spy Cams

Today Media has become a major participant in providing security to people. It does it by revealing the truth. The best tool to gather evidence against any untoward activity and raise an alarm to the people is carrying a hidden camera and using it on time. In this article I have jotted down the aspects one should look for before going for getting one.

Review of SPAMfighter Pro: An effective solution to defend Spam e-mails

Are you looking for an efficient application to guard your email program from malicious spam messages, if so, then SPAMfighter might be solution you are looking for. SPAMfighter is one of the popular and efficient spam block and filter software that can be used for both home and business purposes. It comes with some unique features that you can't find in other spam filter software. Let's find out what new features it can offer to get rid of Spam e-mails.

Review of RoboForm Everywhere: The best password management software

Are you looking for an efficient password management software that makes your online time more convenient and safe at the same time? Then RoboForm Everywhere might be the thing you are looking for. RoboForm Everywhere is a commercial password management software that comes with a lot of useful tools and ensures your data is protected from dangerous Internet threats.

Review of Net Nanny 7: The best Internet filter software

Are you looking for an efficient Internet filtering software, which comes with advanced protective features that would help protecting your kids from highly potential Internet threats? Then may be, Net Nanny 7 is the thing you are be looking for. Read the latest review and features of Net Nanny 7.

Review of Insta LockDown security software

Are you looking for a security solution that protects your private and sensitive data on your computer? Insta LockDown is a software app that helps you share your PC without sharing your data.

Top 5 Password Managers for Windows 8 - A Complete Guide to Password Managers

Most of us have a very common way of managing our passwords, which is not to manage them at all. We do crazy mistakes, repeating it everywhere and leaving ourselves vulnerable at the hands of attackers. Would you care to spend a few moments in knowing about how to manage your password well. Not only do we have a whole bunch of top 5 password managers you can use on your windows 8 laptop, we also have a li'l bit of buying guide for you. Happy Reading.

Top 5 best computer monitoring software 2013

Read the resource below and get to know the top 5 best computer monitoring software in 2013. A brief about each of these software, their pros, cons and prices have been given in the article. Continue reading!

Best Cloud Monitoring Software applications

These days, almost all businesses use cloud services. However, due to increased data security threats, a monitoring system to administer the data and performance is also essential. Many cloud monitoring tools like Ganglia, Hyperic and Nagios are available in market. Read this article to know about the best cloud monitoring software applications.

Computer monitoring software: eBlaster 2013 - a review

Are you looking for protecting your computer from malicious and unwanted programs? Need a monitoring software? This article provides you one of the best monitoring software, eBlaster 2013. I have written a complete review on this monitoring software. Read on to know more.

WebWatcher – Smartphone and Computer Monitoring Software

WebWatcher is number one Smartphone and computer monitoring software in the world as per It is the most powerful remote monitoring software used in PC, Mobile phones like Android, Blackberry and Laptops. Read this article to know various features to save your personal and business information with the help of using WebWatcher computer monitoring software.

Tracking software and services for lost or theft expensive devices

Theft or lose of expensive gadget is really a painful issue for everyone. Now you can detect your theft or lost gadget yourself, with the help of some emerging software and web services. Here I am going to explain such Gadgets tracking software and services that are really helpful to track and recover your expensive gadgets like Laptop, tablet, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or MAC, smartphones etc.

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