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What's Happening at Bankrupt Crypto Exchange FTX?

Know all that has happened till now with the FTX exchange. Know the reasons of its crash, what is currently happening, how much has the investigation of authorities progressed and what the future looks like for the people who invested in the exchange.

Digital Rupee - Everything you need to know about it!

The Reserve Bank of India has launched the Digital Rupee. The CBDC-W (The Central Bank Digital Currency- Wholesale) has been launched on December 1, 2022, as a pilot project and has created a lot of enthusiasm. Let us check out all the details on Digital Rupee and how to understand it better.

Correlation Between Commodity & Stock Markets in India

If you have a Demat account and have bought stocks, you must have seen a section called Commodity Trading. Even wondered what is Commodity Market and what link it has to the Stock Market? Read this article to know all the details.

How do trading bots help traders?

Want success when trading in cryptocurrency but don't have much idea how to trade the right way? Trading bots might be the answer to your question. Know how these bots can help you trade successfully in the market and potentially make profits.

Top 5 Costliest publicly listed stocks in world

Are you wondering which are the costliest stocks in the world share market? Here we are listing the top 5 costliest stocks in the world, how did they reach there and how does the future looks for them.

Key learnings of the Mutual Fund Industry in 2021

The year 2021 was no less tumultuous than 2020. In such a year, how did the mutual industry perform? Read this article to know the learnings that the Mutual Industry took as a whole from the year 2021.

Why Pro-Traders are Switching to TradeUP

Know why most Pro-Traders are switching to the TradeUP platform. Know what features of this trading platform are attracting the top traders in the US market and if they make sense to you to make a switch to a better trading platform.

Where should Young investors invest in 2021

Just started getting your regular paychecks and want to know where to put your money where it can work like you do to grow? Get the answer to this and check the best investment ideas for young investors.

The Super Power of SIP

In this article, we discuss how the simple SIP is actually a Super Power for the common retail investor. Know how it uses the power of compounding to help you take the right steps towards investing.

5 Apps that help you to invest in penny stocks

Interested in investing in penny stock but don't know where to start your research from? Read about our top 5 apps that focus on upcoming and existing penny stocks, give you suggestions, contain details information about these companies and can help you make the right decision about investing.

Choosing a stock for long term investment

A stock market is a place where fortunes are made with the right kind of knowledge and the right kind of implementation. If you want to get quick money from a stock market, then you are in the wrong place. You need to wait for more to get huge wealth in the stock market. This is where stock picking for long term investment comes in picture. This article provides a way to choose the right stock for long term investment.

Perfect time for NRIs to invest in Indian real estate

Are you an NRI and are planning to buy a property in Ahmedabad? Read this article to know why it might be the best time to buy a property in Ahemdabad. Know how you should approach the property market and how it suits you as an investment.

Upwardly Review- Best Platform for Mutual Fund Investments?

Are you investing in mutual funds but want to make the process of finding best-suited schemes, making investments & tracking your portfolio hassle free? Check out this detailed Upwardly Review wherein we have explored the features & benefits of this platform in detail.

5 best bitcoin apps that help in portfolio management

Interested in buying Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency and want apps that can help you monitor minute to minute fluctuations in their price? Read this article to know about the best apps that can help you do this right from your smartphone screen.

Best Investment Options 2018

Planning for your future this year and want to know what would be the best investment option for you? Read our guide to help you plan your investments depending on your risk-appetite and goals and decide the right asset class you want to invest in.

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