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Top 5 Air conditioners for 2024 summers with 5 star rating

The scorching summers have already become uncomfortable to the core. Are you looking for the best 5 Star Air Conditioners to help you get respite from the scorching summers? Well, you have plenty of options that can help you get enough relief. Let us explore the top 5 best 5-star ACs you can buy in 2024.

Dyson V12s detect slim submarine with wet spill cleaning - Review

In home cleaning technology solutions, Dyson has been a name synonymous with highly innovative designs and cutting-edge features. Dyson V12s Detect Slim Submarine Vacuum Cleaner is the best option in this context. What does the new vacuum cleaner offer you access to? Let us go through a complete review of the new vacuum cleaner.

Hand held vacuum cleaners vs robo vacuum cleaners - which is better?

Vacuum cleaners are an essential part of everyday cleaning of your home. But, with everyday new innovations in technology, it's difficult to make the right choice from the thousands of options available there. In this guide, we have detailed the pros and cons of hand-held and robot vacuum cleaners. Read on to know more.

Keep it Cool: The Best Refrigerators on Amazon India for Summer 2023

Deciding on the best refrigerator for your home can be overwhelming with endless options available. But, don't worry! We've got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we'll help you choose the perfect fridge by comparing the top 5 refrigerators on the market. From capacity and energy efficiency to features, price, and brand reliability, we've got all the details to make your decision easier. So, sit back and let us guide you to the fridge of your dreams.

AC-ing the Heat: A Guide to the Top 5 Air Conditioners for All Seasons

Looking for an air conditioner that can handle both summers and winters? Check out our comprehensive guide to the top 5 air conditioners from Blue Star, Voltas, LG, Hitachi and Daikin to consider in 2023. We break down the pros and cons, features, and prices of each option to help you make an informed decision for your home.

Securing Microservices in a Zero Trust Environment

Microservices provide a great number of advantages over a monolithic architecture but they also make securing the stack a greater challenge. Read this article to know how to deal with this challenge and make a secure service in a Zero Trust Environment.

Best sound bars in India under 10K

Are you planning to buy a Soundbar in India and worried about the pricing? You can check out a few of the best soundbars under the 10K price bracket. If the price is an impediment for you, we bring you the best deals on quality Soundbars that you can buy within budget.

How to use a laptop as a monitor?

If you have seen those graphic designers who use multiple monitors, you would definitely be wondering how to use your laptop as the second monitor. Well, if you really have a laptop, there are several ways you can use your laptop as the second monitor.

Complete Review of Voltas 5 star Air Conditioners

Searching for top selling Air Conditioners in India? Do you want an AC with best cooling features? Kindly read further to know about the specifications of 5 star ACs from Voltas. In this article, you will be able to read the features of Voltas 5 star ACs and understand why Voltas split AC 5 star or Voltas 5 star Window AC is ideal with regards to power consumption.

Budget friendly washing machines to buy this year

Read this article to know how you shop for washing machines online in a low budget. See the budget washing machines currently available in the market from the top brands and in how much you can buy them.

How Motion Sensors Contribute to Your Home Security

Read this article to know how to make your home more secure by making use of motion sensing technology. How exactly do these sensors work and what are their use cases, this and more is discussed in this article.

Home security systems that you can install yourself

Are you looking for the best home security systems? There are several options you have access to - a good example being the older generation ADT systems. Most of the current home security systems come with an install it yourself structure.

10 Gadgets to Secure Your Home

Shifted to a new home? Looking for the best safety measures? Here are a handful of gadgets that can secure your home and family from every angle.

Neato Botvac Connected Robot Vacuum: A Tech Domestic Help?

Neato Botvac Connected Robot Vacuum Cleaner has arrived in the market with a wonderful app through which you can control the automatic device through your smartphone. You can make it work sitting far away from the device and it has won quite good reputation after going through the vacuum cleaning tests. Would you like to bring it home and give a push to your existing mode of house cleaning? Check out whether it is really the one which can serve your purpose.

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