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Without glasses, get a 3D experience

The article submitted is basically a review written by a customer, who is well satisfied with the naked eye 3D smartphone, launched by Tekno AVR. Tekno AVR is at its best to bring a revolution in the field of technology with the invention of the glass free 3D smartphone. Come and get a lively feel through your smartphone!

How to check if you have a fast/slow or a fake charger!

Does your charger take a long time to charge your smartphone? Do you think your charger is faulty but don't know how to check and confirm? In this article, I'm going to show you how to confirm the same by checking the current flow from your charger to your smartphone.

Best SMPS to choose for your Gaming PC

Are you building up your own gaming PC? Then you must be looking for the best SMPS for your gaming rig. Read this detailed article on the best SMPS to choose for your gaming PC.

How to choose the best SMPS for your computer?

While buying a new computer you must keep in consideration the brand and quality of the SMPS fixed in it. The power of SMPS depends on its brand and configuration. So, to choose a powerful and efficient SMPS is very important for your PC to work smoothly. Here are some of the features of best PSU's available in the market which you need to keep in consideration while buying an SMPS for your computer.

Top 3 SMPS manufacturing brands one can trust

Are you confused about which SMPS brand to trust? Here I am to help you. Go through this article and know about the 3 best SMPS manufacturers and the variety of their devices in the market. This article gives you an idea about which SMPS brands is trustworthy and which one provides the best Power Supply Units for your desktop PC.

How to choose the best affordable LED TV in India

The LED TVs are the in rage now among the viewers, and Samsung is known to have the best ones in store. Have a glimpse of the best ones available within the affordable limit of LED tv in India to get an insight.

Samsung Curved TV: Experience Innovation

Curved television from Samsung introduces you a complete new world of instant entertainment. Curved TV from Samsung comes in various screen sizes for you to choose and provides exceptional features at a very affordable price Get here all detail about curved tv. Read on.

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