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How Do SWIFT Money Transfers Work?

Read this article to learn how the 8-11 digit SWIFT code aids rapid overseas payment settlement through a structured ecosystem between banks.

What to do with your Paytm FasTAG after 29th Feb?

If you have been following the finance news of late, you would be aware that RBI has put limitations on the functioning of Paytm Payments Bank. Following suit, even the NHAI has imposed restrictions on the operations of PayTM. From that perspective, you cannot use PayTM FasTAG after February 29, 2024. So, what to do with your PayTM FasTAG after the date? Let us try finding out.

Does Your Group Health Insurance Policy Cease Along With The Job?

Are you worried about your Group Health Insurance plan lapsing when you leave your current employer? Know what you can do about your health insurance when you leave your job and whether it is possible to avoid the waiting period clauses that come with a new health insurance policy.

What's Happening at Bankrupt Crypto Exchange FTX?

Know all that has happened till now with the FTX exchange. Know the reasons of its crash, what is currently happening, how much has the investigation of authorities progressed and what the future looks like for the people who invested in the exchange.

How to use UPI to receive money in Singapore?

Transfers of funds between India and Singapore are now possible using just mobile phones due to the tie-up between India's UPI and Singapore's PayNow facility. This article details everything you need to know about using UPI to receive money in Singapore.

Best credit cards with no foreign transaction fees

Planning a foreign trip but worried about the heavy foreign transaction fees while withdrawing cash from ATMs or purchasing things through credit cards in a foreign land? Don't worry about anything; we have brought some of the best-prepaid cards and credit cards with no foreign transaction fee. Read on to find out more.

UPI Lite features, safety, benefits and FAQs

Online transactions based on UPI have increased significantly over the past few years. The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) reported over Rs.11 crore in transactions in September 2022. Three-fourths of NPCI's transactions are of smaller value, which has led to UPI Lite, an offline payment mode for smaller amounts. Find out more about UPI Lite by reading on.

Do Retirees Need to Pay for Private Health Insurance?

With retirement comes a lot of money, and freedom but also deteriorating health and stopping your group health insurance plan from your company. Know when you should consider paying for private health insurance in your life.

Digital Rupee - Everything you need to know about it!

The Reserve Bank of India has launched the Digital Rupee. The CBDC-W (The Central Bank Digital Currency- Wholesale) has been launched on December 1, 2022, as a pilot project and has created a lot of enthusiasm. Let us check out all the details on Digital Rupee and how to understand it better.

Correlation Between Commodity & Stock Markets in India

If you have a Demat account and have bought stocks, you must have seen a section called Commodity Trading. Even wondered what is Commodity Market and what link it has to the Stock Market? Read this article to know all the details.

How do trading bots help traders?

Want success when trading in cryptocurrency but don't have much idea how to trade the right way? Trading bots might be the answer to your question. Know how these bots can help you trade successfully in the market and potentially make profits.

Top 5 Costliest publicly listed stocks in world

Are you wondering which are the costliest stocks in the world share market? Here we are listing the top 5 costliest stocks in the world, how did they reach there and how does the future looks for them.

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