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KSEB electricity tariff and slab in Kerala

If you are looking for the KSEB electricity bill tariff rates and slab system, you are in the right place. Find out how your electricity bill is calculated and how the telescopic slab system works.

How to use Vonage VoIP phone in India

Are you planning to move from USA to India and wondering if your Vonage phone will work in India? Learn how to use the Vonage VoIp phone in India and how it works with the slow internet connection.

Getting Started with a Professional eCommerce Chat solution - REVE Chat Review

Professional customer support is very important for MSMEs and the first point that your customers will nowadays interact with you is website Chat. Today we are reviewing REVE Chat, an enterprise-class Chat solution that promises to provide a complete suite of tools to help you manage your customer interactions. Let's see how it performs in our review.

How to activate DND on BSNL, Jio, Vodafone and Airtel?

Are you disturbed with the pesky calls from telemarketers? Most of us are indeed perturbed with those calls which can be much annoying. But, there are no clear instructions on how to deactivate these calls. Of course, the government has formulated laws to control the menace of these telemarketing calls. Every operator has its own infrastructure to help you activate DND on your phone.

Best broadband internet service providers in India

Are you shopping for a broadband internet connection in India? Read further and learn my bad experience with Airtel. After living abroad in USA for 12+ years, I decided to return to my home country and start a new life here. But read how Airtel spoiled my first few weeks in India and the ongoing struggle.

Adobe Connect review- A customisable Online Meeting Place

Adobe has been a pioneer with software technology. They have been synonymous with the concepts themselves with their stellar products. Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Acrobat and Flash Player are some of the examples. Now, they are testing the waters with web conferencing solutions space with their new offering Adobe Connect. We will gather more information on this piece of software from Adobe.

Vodafone RED user experience and review

Vodafone RED is a new postpaid plan released by the company. The plan offers users an option to get some specific calls and data for free. In this article, I am sharing my experience with the RED plan and it's services.

What is 4G LTE? How it works?

4G is finally here in India and everyone is buying the devices that support 4G LTE. But most of us do not know how it works and what really 4G is. Here you will see what is 4G LTE and how 4G LTE works.

Comparison between Airtel Digital TV & Reliance Digital TV

With 38 cities across 15 states on list, the second phase of digitization is on and if you haven't yet switched to a set top box, soon you will have to. Choosing one best DTH connection can be difficult because there are so many options and one does not know how actually they differ from each other. Read our detailed comparison between Airtel Digital TV & Reliance Digital TV along with other DTH options you have.

Steps for National Mobile Number Portability (NMNP)

Learn how to enjoy national mobile number portability and retain your mobile number no matter which service provider you subscribe to. Change circles and switch service providers with ease and keep your old number no matter where you move in India.

BSNL prepaid broadband data plans in India - a review

The following article gives you detailed information on prepaid broadband data plans that are available at Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) in India. The prepaid option is one of the best options for those who don't need the internet access at all times. But whenever they need it, it must be at lightening speed and only BSNL can serve this kind of service.

Net Neutrality - What Is It All About?

There has been a lot of discussion happening about the violation of net neutrality in the media. For a common internet user, it may seem to be some technical jargon. So, what exactly is net neutrality? What is its importance? Let me try to point out the details about the net neutrality and its consequences.

How to measure your internet speed accurately?

There are several online internet speed check services available. However, most of them report inaccurate results and are unreliable. In this post, I will discuss couple of tips to accurately measure internet speed.

Make free voice call anywhere in India from

Are you looking for free website for voice calling ? The '' is India's first free website, where we can do PC to mobile calling (VoIP) platform, that enables the user to call any mobile number in India, without spending a dime. Read this article to know more details about and its working.

Review of Beam broadband internet speed

Here you can find my experience of Beam broadband internet service. I have provided details about internet speed, broadband issues, and challenges faced while using Beam broadband internet service. Read this article below to find more about Beam broadband.

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