Electronic Circuits & Componets

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LED Solar cell and its working

Ever thought of using LED as a solar cell? Do this experiment to find that out how it works. In this article, I will tell about LEDs. Circuit configuration required is necessary to convert LEDs into solar panel. Read the article to know about LED solar cells, their configuration and applications.

Make your own Solar Mobile Charger

A solar panel converts solar energy into electrical energy. Solar mobile charger regulates this electrical energy such that it could be used to charge mobile phones. Read this article to know how to make a solar mobile charger at home.

Uses & Advantages of VLSI Technology

What is VLSI Technology, how did the technology evolve & how VLSI Technology has succeeded in making a drastic change in our daily life? How did VLSI Technology reduce the size of the Electronic Circuits, made the Electronic Circuits faster and more reliable? What are the uses of VLSI Technology? Lets have a look.

Comparison between DishTV DTH and Videocon DTH

There are a lot of DTH providers in India claiming to be the best. It becomes difficult for a customer to choose one. However, comparing the different DTH services on the basis of pricing and features can help a lot. This post provides detailed comparison between DishTV DTH with Videocon DTH.

Basic Electronic components - Their features & applications

In this article I will be providing an insight into the basic electronic components like resistors, transistors, diodes etc that form the backbone of any electronic circuit system.

How Phase Shift Oscillator work ? find your answer from here

In this article I will explain about RC Phase shift oscillator,its working and design details with proper circuit diagram and waveform. An oscillator is a circuit which is used to generate a signal with a specified frequency and RC phase shift oscillator is a type of audio frequency oscillator.

How wireless charging works and what is the technology behind it

You might have heard about the launch of latest smartphones like Nokia Lumia 920 in the market. The latest smartphones use the wireless charging technology for charging the battery. This is a new avatar of old electrical theory that existed years ago. In this article, I shall discuss about the nature of wireless charging, how it works and its latest developments. Please read on.

Reliance digital TV versus Tata Sky DTH TV

Reliance digital TV and Tata Sky DTH TV, have a tough competition today. Both the companies provide several basic services to customers and to dominate the market they do also provide several other services. Let us have a comparison between these two services Tata Sky and Reliance Digital TV.

LG G2 Smartphone - Product Preview

LG is launching its own top of the line G2 in the third quarter of 2013. Backed by a lot of marketing and internet hype, the LG G2 is one of the most awaited mobile releases of the year.

How to build a simple Astable Multivibrator with the help of a circuit diagram

In this article, I will explain about an Astable Multivibrator, its circuit detail and method of building one. An Astable Multivibrator is a switching circuit which switches its output on and off for a designed time period. This article also describes about its working.

NDS Brings Revolutionary Transition to Digital Cable Concept

Cable digitization is likely to be one of the biggest revolutionary transformations from analogue concept to digital technique, brought to you by the world leaders Cisco. NDS as a part of it, invites all cordially to be present to have a glimpse of this historical technology.

What is SiO and SiO+ battery

SiO and SiO+ are used in modern smartphones like LG Optimus Vu and many others. these batteries are enhanced version of the Li-Ion batteries. Read further to learn detailed information about these type of batteries.

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