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How to take advantage of free tools from Alexa and help on SEO

Most webmasters and bloggers are familiar with how to use Alexa to check traffic rank of your websites and how to compare them with your competitors. In this article, I will discuss how to take advantage of many free services that are not used by most webmasters and bloggers. Some of the free tools from Alexa can help significantly on SEO.

How to regain access to your hacked Word Press website via backdoor entry

If you are running your website/ blog on Word Press, it can be hacked very easily. However, if your website has been hacked, it doesn't mean that you cannot regain access to it. You need to find a backdoor with the help of which you can enter into your website settings and claim it back from the hackers.

Alexa Tools and Services for webmasters and bloggers

Are you a webmaster looking for premium opportunities to promote your websites? Learn how to use various subscription plans from Alexa to promote your website and better track the ranking and statistics. In this post, I will compare and review the plans from Alexa.

Cross browser testing made easy by BrowserStack

Nowadays, creating a website became easy with the advent of HTML5 and CSS3 but testing the same web application in various browsers and different operating systems is really a tedious job. In this article I would like to explain how to make cross browser testing easier using 'BrowserStack'.

Metrics to Measure in Web Analytics

Web Analytics apps offer plenty of metrics and reports that are important to your website. However there are some of the crucial metrics to be measured in every Analytics app that point to the growth. If you understand these metrics then you can plan and define growth strategies effectively. In this article, we discuss what metrics to measure in Web Analytics.

6 Google Analytics Alternatives for Bloggers

Google Analytics is one of the popular Analytics service. It not only offers the best features in the Analytics industry but also offers them for free of cost. Despite being a free service with powerful features, this service is rumored to have privacy and tracking issues. For this reason many bloggers and business choose alternative analytics services. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the effective Google Analytics alternatives.

What is a SSL Certificate?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate is a technology that enables encrypted communication between client browser and web server. When SSL Certificate is enabled, Server creates two types of cryptographic keys i.e. Private Key and Public Key. After matching the keys will only create encrypted connection between server and client.

How to prevent StatCounter from recording own visits to your website

Is your StatCounter account tracking the visits you make to your own website? Here is an easy solution on how to create a blocking cookie and prevent StatCounter from recording own visits to your website. This is a step by step tutorial to help you create a blocking cookie to make the StatCounter count the genuine organic visits to your websites.

Best 5 forum build up tools for a website

Do you want to develop a forum website? Or, are you looking for the ways to create forum on your existing website? Then have a look at the following best 5 forum build up tools for a website.

Moz Pro review - Is it worth the money?

Moz Pro, previously called SEOmoz is one of the leading SEO tool in the industry offering several tools to optimize your websites for search engines and end users. SEOmoz offers a Pro account which is a paid service. In this article, you can read my reviews on SEOmoz Pro account and I will discuss if it is worth the money.

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