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Sony PlayStation 4 - specifications, review and price in India

Are you looking for the features and specifications of newly launched Sony PlayStation 4? If yes, then this article can tell you about the features and specifications of Sony PlayStation 4. This article elaborates the features of the PlayStation 4 and tells about its availability in India. The PlayStation 4 was launched in February this year and is now available in retail and online stores.

Can free-to-play model thrive on consoles?

Free-to-play model is thriving on PCs and mobile devices right now, but can they replicate the success of this model on consoles as well? What will happen? Well, let's find out in this article.

Next Gen Gaming Consoles: Comparing Microsoft Xbox One vs Sony Playstation 4

Looking for detailed comparison between latest Sony Playstation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One gaming consoles? Want to know which gaming console is the winner between PS4 and Xbox One? In this article, you will find comparisons between reviews of PS4 and reviews of Xbox One. Please read further to know about the difference in features, software, design, hardware and price while comparing Xbox One and Sony PS4.

Review of Nvidia Project Shield gaming console

Nvidia Project Shield is the latest game controller, developed by Nvidia. The device is powered by Android 4.2 operating system and Tegra 4 processor. The Project Shield is suitable for playing both the Mobile and PC games. Read this article to know more information about the Nvidia Project Shield.

XBox One -the new Gaming console from Microsoft

Microsoft has recently released its new Gaming console "XBox One" this Tuesday. It is better and advanced when compared to its previous generations. See below for the features it possesses.

Features and Specifications of Nintendo 3DS gaming console

Nintendo 3DS gaming console has dual screens and a mini-laptop design. This attractive gaming console has won many hearts and is dominating the gaming market. Read this article to know about the features and specifications of Nintendo 3DS.

Sony PlayStation 4 2013 - A new era of gaming | Reviews

Are you looking for the features and specifications of Sony PlayStation 4 which is launching in the holiday season of 2013? Go through this article and get to know about some of the revealed features and specifications of PlayStation 4.

Review of Xbox 720 and Playstation 4 of 2013

In this article everyone can read about the new upcoming Xbox 720 and Sony Playstation 4. The changes and modifications introduced in them and amendments in the anti-piracy law introduced by both Sony and Microsoft. Specifications of both and the release date upon which they would be introduced in, are also mentioned in it.

Sony PlayStation Vita reviews and features

The brand PlayStation (PS) series is pretty famous for its handheld video gaming devices that is created by Sony Computer entertainment. Since then the PS have seen many models and great outcomes. One among those popular Sony Playstation descendants is the Sony PlayStation Vita that has been in the market today. In this article i would like to give you a virtual gaming review of the Sony PlayStation Vita.

Play Station Vita started handheld gaming revolution

In this article I will explain about the new game console Play Station Vita by Sony Computer Entertainment. PS Vita is the best portable and handheld device for gaming.It started a new revolution as it offers real life gaming experience.

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