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Cold emailing examples that you should never use

While trying to generate new leads, there are important do's and dont's with cold emailing a potential client. Know what are the common mistakes done by people in their cold emailing strategy and how you can avoid them.

How to send an email in future and schedule follow-ups automatically?

How to send an email at a later date or time? Looking for ways to schedule an email for future? Want to read an email later by receiving a reminder? Want to send birthday/anniversary wishes via email without fail? If yes, then, please read further for useful tips related to sending emails at a later time, scheduling follow-up reminders and even receiving emails marked as unread at a later date/time.

How to change or choose the default mail address in

Did you create a cool mail address but trying to figure out how to make it the default mail id to send mails from? Read this post to learn how to change your default mail id while sending mails.

How to migrate emails from Gmail or Yahoo to Outlook

Aren't happy with Gmail or Yahoo and are looking for the simplest way to easily migrate all your emails to Outlook? This guide will help you in transferring all your mails from Gmail or Yahoo to Outlook with the minimum number of steps.

Why I love GMail

I use Hotmail, Yahoo, GMail and few other email services for various email needs. In this post, I will cover why GMail is the best email solution for me.

Top 5 Methods to block spam emails

One of the nuisances we regularly face with our emails is the number of junk or spam mails we keep on receiving. Though there is no a rock solid method to avoid them, let us delve into some of the possible measures to tackle the junk mail.

Why and how to take backup of Google Apps e-mail

This article talks about the past outages of Gmail explaining the need to create Google Apps back up. This section illustrates how to take the back up of Google Apps email and what type of solution should be chosen for convenient back up restoration.

How to use Gmail from

Do you love the new email service and like to use this single email service to send and receive your GMail mails? Learn how to use Gmail from Email FAQ

This article answers a lot of Frequently Asked Questions regarding email and tries to answer these questions.

How to merge email address and Hotmail id

Are you one of those curious people who went ahead and reserved your email address by creating a new Outlook account? Learn how to merge your Outlook id with your Hotmail id and make it a single account.

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