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Best data recovery packages in 2016

Data is the most important aspect while using your laptop and PC. Keeping your data backed up is the best option when you want to secure your data. But, if you have not done that, and a disaster strikes you - you are not necessarily out of luck. Here we go with the list of top data recovery software that can help you get out of the issues.

Top Tips for Staying Safe on Social Media

Read this article for very simple tips to keep you safe while using different social media accounts. Know how to protect your personal information and safeguard your privacy online.

How to secure your folders through Batch files

Are you looking for a way to secure the files on your computer? Are you looking for a way to secure your files without any software? A batch file described in this article will help you to secure your files.

Review of my1login, a cloud-based password manager

With the increase in the popularity of cloud based systems, so many password managers have come in the market. This article reviews one such cloud based password manager called my1login. Refer to the article for registration process, features and pricing details.

Databases should be more secure and require high level administration

The most sensitive part in a company's network is its database, where all the customer credentials are stored. Unfortunately, it is being neglected and thus making it a target for hackers. Read on to know how can a company's database is targeted and crashed? How to protect your database from hackers?

Security threats to an e-business

As securing data and servers is critical to an organization's successful functioning, this article talks about the network and security level threats as well as their solutions.

Top password manager tools to protect all your passwords

In this article I will explain top ten password manager tools. In this article I have included all types of password manager tools which can be used to protect and store all of your passwords at one place securely.

oneSafe Password Manager: Features and review

In this article, I am going to review one of the best password storage applications and that is oneSafe. This application was launched for iPhone but now the company has got it for MAC as well. Let us see all the features and review of oneSafe to help you decide whether you want to buy it or not.

Concise observation On Data Recovery

Computer, laptop, tablets are widely used these days. Computers are widely used in large business organizations. Laptops are used by professionals while tablets are used by new generation to carry out different purpose. Computers and laptops users sometimes face the problems of loosing important data. This article deals with data recovery.

Who is the secure personal Cloud Storage provider?

Cloud Storage users are increasing day by day along with numerous service providers. You might have been using them. Have you ever thought of their security? Go through this article to know how secure your cloud storage providers are.

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