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Cybersecurity guidelines for your employee computers and portable devices

You might have taken many precautions to protect your business from online threats. But have you specifically thought about the unique online threats that come with giving your employee an office laptop? Read this article to know how to mitigate online threats when providing your employee with an office computer.

Introduction to Pentesting

The advantages of Pentesting are that it allows understanding and identifying the vulnerable and exploitable security threats of the target points, helps in maintaining the image of the corporate and in turn restore the loyalty of the customer in the companies. Further the organizations are able to meet the regulatory requirements through Pentesting and avoid fines and costs related to recovery from security breaches.

Smaller Firms – An Easy Target For Hackers

Since big companies can manage a stronger security system for their data, they are saved from the horrors of hacking; however, this is bad news for the small and medium sized companies as this means they are being targeted by hackers more and more now.

Best of Websites to Learn Ethical Hacking online for free

Learn to become an ethical hacker and hack like a pro. Clear your concepts regarding difference between a hacker and a cracker along with a list of websites to learn hacking online for free. Disclaimer: Use this free information at your own risk and you are 100% responsible for your actions.

What are logic bombs and how to detect them

We do experience several types of cyber attacks in our daily internet lives and the attacks through logic bombs are one among them. They are different from attacks through phishing and web jacking. Go through this article to know What are logic Bombs? and how to prevent their execution in individual system and also in your entire network.

How to secure authentication and types of authentication attacks

Authentication plays a key role in protecting our systems and databases. But when the process is bypassed by a hacker or an attacker, where goes your privacy? So, it's always your responsibility to secure your own data. This article gives a brief description on the types of authentication attacks.

Protect your PC from Online Threats

Online threats including hacking and personal data security are increasing. Read this article to learn how to protect your computer from Online attacks..

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