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Top 5 Photo Recovery Software options that make your life easy

Losing your digital photos can be a lot annoying. If you are someone who does not have a printed copy of your photos and save them digitally, losing them can be a nightmare. Want to know how to recover lost photos? These top photo recovery tools can come in quite handy for you.

How to restore your iPhone using your Windows 11 laptop?

Have you ever come across a situation where you found a system or device on iOS having severe issues? There are few effective data recovery software that can help you do a system restore on iOS. How about checking a powerful iOS system recovery tool for Windows?

Review of PhotoRec – a reliable digital picture recovery software

The world has started to use more and more electronic gadgets and more information is being stored in electronic formats instead of traditional modes for use at ease. When electronic data is saved or recorded in any electronic format, it becomes imperative to find good software for the recovery of the same, once it is lost accidentally or intentionally. In this resource, I am going to discuss about one such software viz., PhotoRec. Kindly read on.

Google Photos Unlimited Storage ends soon - Alternatives

Google Photos recently announced that they will be ending the support of the free storage for high-quality photos on its cloud storage service. This has come as a huge blow to the users and most of us have been forced to look for the best Google Photos alternatives. So, what are the best Google Photos alternatives you can check out?

How to restore .CHK files using free recovery software CHK-back?

CHK-back recovery software is free and is highly useful in recovering .CHK files without any hindrance. Though it is a freeware, it does great job equivalent to what paid software does. This user-friendly .CHK recovery software can restore photos, videos, audios and other documents.

Stellar Photo Recovery 10 software review and recommendations

Are you looking forward to buying photo recovery software so that you can retrieve images, videos, and audio files from your laptop hard disk or memory card? Stellar Photo Recovery 10 software becomes handy when it comes to recovering the lost files. Read on to know various image recovery options and advanced features of this software.

Backup iPhone Data without iTunes Dearmob iPhone Manager

Have you faced data loss from your iPhone and are now looking for a backup solution to keep everything on your phone safe elsewhere? Then we just might have the solution in the form of Dearmob iPhone Manager. Read our review of how useful this tool is and if it really delivers the efficiency we expect with our Apple utilities?

The Best Way of Data Recovery From Corrupted Hard Drive

Are you unable to access your computer? Is the displaying messages like "sector not found" or the files of your system have become unreadable? Your hard drive might have got corrupted. Read on to learn the different symptoms and causes of corrupted hard drive, steps to fix it, and tips that can help you in preventing your hard drive from getting corrupted.

How to recover data from external hard drive on Mac

Read this article if you are unable to recover lost data from your external hard drive or your Mac laptop is not reading your external hard drive. Know how you can use some Mac-native as well as free tools to help your recover data from external hard drive on Mac.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition

Looking for a reliable, free data recovery tool? Minitool partition wizard free edition may be what you are looking for! It has got most needed features including recovering individual files by giving name and type of the files.

The Best Data Recovery Software for PC

Read this article to know what is the best tool to help you recover deleted from data from your computer. Whether the data is deleted from the recycle bin or formatted from a hard disk, there is a chance to recover that data. Read on to know how to do this.

How to Convert Exchange EDB into Outlook PST Format?

ExMerge.exe is an inbuilt tool provided by Microsoft that helps in performing Exchange Migration when needed. The tool requires some technical expertise along with certain specific skill set and has few limitations. On the other hand, specifically designed automated solutions for Exchange migration and repair issues takes less time compared to native inbuilt tools.

How to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone

Read this article to know how to get back your deleted contacts on your iPhone. Get to know about the different available methods and tools available to recover deleted contacts from iPhone

How to recover data from deleted partition?

Data loss can be a huge concern in many cases. One of the severe cases of data loss is a lost partition of a disc. Though most of the data recovery tools can help you recover most of your deleted files or accidental formatting issues, addressing a lost partition may not be possible even with a few sophisticated data recovery tools.

FORecovery Android Data recovery - Your One step Solution for Recovering Important Files

Smartphones have become one of the important gadgets that we carry. Apart from letting us stay in touch with our loved ones, taking photos and listening to music, it also helps us save a few files that we do not want to lose. If any data loss strikes you, it can indeed be disastrous for you. FORecovery Android Data recovery is one of the excellent choices that can help you save your self from such catastrophic instances.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Pro Review

Lost your data and looking for a way to recover those precious digital files that store your memory or other important information? Today we are reviewing Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Pro, a premium data recovery software that you can use to recover not only data but whole partitions that might be lost due to any reason whatsoever. Read on to know more.

How to recover deleted photos from your computer or SD card

Lost your digital photos stored on your computer's hard drive or on your phone's SD card? Don't lose all your hope yet, there are still ways that you can recover all your photos if you still have the storage media with you in one piece.

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