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How to migrate from XP to Windows 8 or 7 before XP support end date?

Is 8 April, 2014 the actual Windows XP support end date? If yes, what will be the impact of no support for Windows XP? Will we have to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 8 or Windows 7? Please read further for useful tips to migrate from Windows XP to other recent Windows versions like Windows 7 or Windows 8.

10 useful methods to speed up Windows XP

Many times you might have experienced that you Windows PC is running slow or takes a long time to perform an action. This is because of various factors that utilize the system resources and make your PC work slowly. From this article, get to know 10 useful tips to speed up your Windows XP.

How to shut down Windows XP faster

Know how to shut down Windows XP faster. In this article I'll explain how to shut down your Windows XP very fast within 2-3 seconds. This article shall give you some simple steps to shut down your Windows XP quickly- fast shut down in 2 seconds.!!

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