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Atab tablet features, specifications and price in India

This article is about Atab tablet in India. Atab tablet features, specifications and price are out in India. If we compare Atab tablet specifications with Aakash and Bsnl tablet then it is more educational driven and having advance features but Atab tablet price is high in comparison to Bsnl and Aakash tablet. Read this article to know more about Atab tablet features, specifications and price in India

ATab Tablet - Another cheap tablet in India

As the low cost tablets are being released by many companies, here is another cheap and low cost tablet which is released in India by name ATab. This ATab is Android based tablet which will be the attraction of people. So read this article to know the features and specifications of this ATab.

What is Realme pad? What are its specifications?

This article explains Realme's most anticipated tablet "Realme pad", which is one of the leading smartphone brands worldwide. What will the features be? Where can you find it and what is its price? You can read more in detail by scrolling down.

ePad Android Tablet PC specifications and review

Have you always been counting on to have a Tablet PC but would back out by looking at the price? Then here is the ePad which is regarded as the cheapest Tablet PC available in USA. If you have seen another post of mine about Zeepad then you will notice the price difference between these two Tablet PCs is just $2.60 on the Amazon. Working out with its features the ePad has he features that is needed for the advanced Tablet PC users.

Review, price and specifications of Zeepad - the cheap tablet PC in USA

Are you always wishing to add a Tablet PC in your list of owned Gadgets? If so, then here is the Zeepad; claimed to be one of the cheap Android Tablet PC available in the USA. Read on to know price, specifications and reviews of the Zeepad. The coolest Gadget Zeepad ships to all over the world and can be bought at Amazon for just $60.Take a look at the features.

Penta Tpad IS 701r BSNL tablet for students - A real competitor for Aakash tablet

BSNL Penta Tpad IS 701r tablet for students will be a real competitor for Aakash tablet. Aakash tablet competitors are now on line giving a touch competition to the cheapest tablet in the world. Just a couple of days after the official launch of BSNL Penta Tpad IS 701r tablet which is priced at Rs 3,250, tablet fans are flocking in to the website of Pantel for to pre book the tablet which is tagged at a dream price.

Best Drawing Apps for Android in 2016

Digital sketching is not limited to pen display & stylus. Android tablets have made it cost effective to use your regular device as a sketching pad. Google play has plenty of drawing apps for you to choose from. In this article, we take a look at some of the Android apps for Digital sketches.

MateBook: The First Windows Two-in-One Tablet from Huawei

Huawei has launched its first Two-in-One Windows Tablet named Matebook which is boasting of its exclusive features and specs that can compete with expensive devices like Microsoft Surface and the iPad Pro. Find out whether it really does so.

Best Pinball games to play on your Android tablet

Do you love to play pinball games? Then here is something for you. Read on and get to know the top and best pinball games that you can enjoy on your Android tablet.

Xiaomi MiPad drawbacks and common issues

Are you thinking of buying the Xiaomi MiPad tablet? Read this post to know about the common issues, drawbacks, pros and cons of the Xiaomi MiPad tablet when compared to an Apple iPad.

The new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 review

Microsoft have recently launched the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 at a starting price of Rs. 90,000. Can it replace your laptops? Let's see what Microsoft has to offer!

Review of FLY F8S tablet

Are you looking for the review of Fly F8S tablet? Fly F8S is the first tablet from Fly mobile company. The tablet features the latest Android OS and an 8 inch touchscreen. Read this article to know about the features and specifications of Fly F8S tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A: Is It a Value for Money Pack?

Samsung Galaxy Tab A is the latest tablet model launched by Samsung. The features in this model includes every aspect that a tablet has to have. Samsung has always been a name of trust and quality. This model of tablet is called as a device with Value for Money. Let us see, if it really is.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review: Can It Replace Your Laptop?

Microsoft is on the spree of launching new things replacing the old. The Surface has been there for quite a long time, but the Pro 3 model has really wooed the market. It has replaced many devices with its latest hybrid technology bringing together the best of laptop and tablet attributes. The multi flexible angle added more feathers to its crown. So just check out whether you would also be on the move to replace your current device with a Surface Pro 3.

iberry Auxus CoreX2 3G tablet : full specifications, features and price in india

iberry, another Indian tablet maker has announced their new launch iberry Auxus CoreX2 3G tablet in Indian market. This tablet is first among the 'next generation' budget tablets. iberry Auxus CoreX2 3G is a voice calling tablet with awesome specifications without getting over the budget level. Let's check more about this tablet.

Best Android Tablets below $100

Some of us may wonder if we can buy an android tablet in less than $100 of cost. Yes, it is true there are many android tablets available in the market or online stores like Amazon, which are not a piece of junk! Maybe these cheap tablets do not have the advance features of the expensive android tablets but still you can do many pleasant tasks on these little gadgets. Let us look at these best android tablets below $100.

Aakash tablet for students pre booking available online

Aakash tablet for students pre booking has brought huge response. Aakash Tablet PC has revolutionized the Indian tablet market as the major attraction is the price of the Gadget. Over 100000 Aakash tablet is distributed, you can book the Tablet PC online from this year 2011. Other exciting thing about Akash Tablet PC is that the second Generation of Akash tablet Aakash-2 will also be available in the market early next year with upgraded features.

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