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5 things to know before buying an iPad

Are you planning to buy an iPad? Then, you should definitely read this. This article explains various things to keep in mind while going for an iPad. Keep reading.

How to choose the right iPad?

If you are planning to purchase a new tablet and are considering iPad, here are a few points you must note. Also, see which version offers the best return for your money as per your utility.

Best Email application in iOS - Gmail or Apple MAil

In this article, we compare the two most popular mailing applications in iOS. They are Gmail and Apple's own Apple Mail app. Both are very good apps, but when it comes to iOS, which is better? That's the question that is being answered in this article.

9 Secret iPhone X Tips & Tricks that every owner should know about

With the launch of iPhone X, Apple had to redesign some of the core features of iOS. Thus as an iPhone X owner, you may not find that old iOS feature in the same way that it used to be on the previous devices. Don't worry, here in this article we'll help you locate that feature in no time and also we'll show you some other cool hidden iPhone X features that you will definitely find useful.

Apple iPhone X: Top 5 Features That Makes it the Best Smartphone Ever

By ditching its years-long home button and taking away the TouchID, will iPhone X still be the same? Today in this article you'll find the 5 brilliant features of iPhone X and by the end of it, you'll be able to see whether those features worth giving iPhone X the new title.

iPhone 7 Series – Its most salient features, availability and pricing

Newsrooms are abuzz with the latest Apple event organized in San Francisco where its latest iPhones- Apple 7 and 7 plus were unveiled. The highlights of the new iPhones are centred on four factors-Lack of a headphone jack, water resistance, a revised home button and a powerful camera. Read on to know if it is really worth your money.

Top 7 Free Tweaks for iOS 9.3.3 devices

Looking for best, free iOS 9.3.3 tweaks? Well, in this article you will find tweaks like Resero 9, NudeKeys, Battery Flow, smarttap, Bypass, Aporeo etc. and these are pretty useful for jailborken iOS 9.3.3 devices.

How to get a replacement SIM card for the new iPad

Do you own an iPad which you purchased from a specific provider but want to replace the SIM card later? Or, did you lose or damage your iPad micro-SIM card and want to get another one to replace the old one? Read this article to find out how to replace the SIM card in the Apple iPad.

Apple iPod touch 4th generation - Full features, specifications and price

This article is about Apple iPod touch 4th generation - Full features, specifications and price. This is the world's most popular portable device manufactured by apple. This device is available in 3 variants. iPod touch 8Gb 4th generation,iPod touch 32Gb 4th generation and iPod touch 64Gb 4th generation.

Top 8 Apps for your iPad you will love to have

iPad is one of the most amazing gadgets in the planet that everyone of us dream to own. But it is incomplete without its applications. Here are the Top 8 Apps for Your iPad You will Love to Have. Just go through these apps here.

Parallels Mobile app : Use your iPad as a Mac and a PC

Read this article to know how Parallels Mobile connects an iOS device to your Mac so that you can use its operating system, or a guest OS that you're running using Parallels Desktop, on your mobile screen. Read the working procedures and pros and cons of Parellels mobile app

Key features of Apple iPhone 6, its price in India and review

Dreaming to buy an Apple iPhone mobile in India? Here is a good news for people in India who are eagerly waiting to buy an Apple iPhone 6. Very soon Apple is going to launch iPhone 6 in India. When will it be launched in India and what would its price be? In how many feature variations will it be available? Let us have a look at Apple iPhone 6's key features, expected price in India and it's review.

Top 10 Repairing Tips and Tricks for Apple iPhone

Do you handle your iPhone with care? How safe your iPhone is? This article includes 10 tips and tricks to repair Apple iPhone. These are some basic tips to troubleshoot the common problems of iPhone. Using these 10 tips, you can manage your iPhone on your own.

How to unlock iPhone 5 legally

Are you waiting for your iPhone 5? Like to get it unlocked as soon as you receive it? Learn how to unlock iPhone 5 legally and use it with any carrier.

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