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How to play Project IGI 1 game - How to play in GOD mode

Project IGI 1 (I'm Going In) is a strategy based game in which you need to complete the missions just like a real spy does. But this task is not easy and cannot be accomplished without tricks, tips or cheats. Only experts can play it up to the final level. In this article, I have explained how to play the Project IGI in GOD mode? This mode will help you to play this game just like an invisible man where no one can recognize your existence except the machineries.

5 Ways To Play Sudoku On Your Mobile Phone

Suduko is a popular game that you can play anywhere including on newspapers where it is published as well as on mobile phones! In this article, we are discuss the 5 apps which you can use to play Sudoku on your mobile anywhere, anytime.

iOS puzzle game Carota! review

Read the review of the game Carota! and know the pros and cons of the game. Know the fun worth of this game and tips on how to play this game. Read this review to decide whether the game is worth your time and money or is a title that can be safely avoided.

Hitman Go game tips, tricks and walkthrough

In this game I have given the tips and tricks to complete Hitman GO game. You can download Hitman GO for Android and iOS. In this article you can get the game play, tips, walkthrough of Hitman GO game. Read the below article to know more about the game.

Brave Heroes coin and exp trick: Android & iOS game

Struggling to cross after certain stages in Brave Hero Android/iOS game? Read this article to find out the easy trick to raise coins and experience points. Use this trick in your Brave Hero game and complete the stage faster.

Bridge Constructor Medieval Walkthrough

Bridge Constructor Medieval is strategy based game which can be loved by elders and kids. The game has Medieval age time and player should build bridges. The game is quite interesting to get knowledge regarding materials and their strengths. Check out the walkthrough for more details.

Monument Valley : Walkthrough and tips to play

Monument valley is a strategy based game which includes levels with lots of physics based activities. Game available for iPhone users. Check out the review for walkthrough and simple tips to play the game.

Facebook game: Sudoku Rush review

Read the review of the game Sudoku Rush on Facebook. Know how this Sudoku game is different from the common Sudoku games and whether this game is such that it can interest you. Read the plus and minus points of Sudoku Rush on Facebook.

Facebook game: Happy Kingdom review

Read the review of the game Happy Kingdom developed by Happy Elements on Facebook. Know how to play this game, tips and tricks from Happy Kingdom game and what all the best features of this game along with the problems and things I disliked in this game.

Facebook game: Millionaire City review

Read the review of Millionaire City and know the tips and tricks to stay ahead in this game. Read how to play Millionaire City and read the best features about this game. Read the pros and cons of this game and what is the theme of Millionaire City on Facebook

Facebook game: City of Wonders review

Read this review of the Facebook game City of Wonders developed by Playdom. Know the pros and cons of this game along with the rating. Know the special features of City of Wonder game, read how to play and progress in this game with some tips for playing City of Wonder on Facebook

The best Android game - Total Conquest

Do you want to know the best android game for your device? Then have a look at the following review about "Best Android game : Total Conquest". Total Conquest is the most addictive and best android game made by Gameloft.

Where's My Water 2 Game - Available for Windows Users

This post will take you through all excitement and features available in sequel of Where's My Water game. This post contains the game play and tricks to help you get started with your journey with three alligators.

The Panic Grid - an interesting Windows 8 puzzle game

Are you looking for some simple but interesting Puzzles to solve in Windows and develop problem solving skills? Read on to learn more about The Panic Grid, one of the most interesting puzzle games for Windows 8.

Dark Manor Game - with city-building twist

Dark Manor is a hidden object game set in New Orleans in 1920s. The game is based on hidden object puzzles and town building style. In the game, you'll be guided by the two ghosts of your great ancestor's deceased wives, who lead you on a journey to restore your family's haunted manor in all of its ghastly glory.

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